new member looking for reasurance

Hello all. 

I am 24 and just booked in for my first ever smear test. I've been reading through this forum and suddenly feel really anxious!

I started my period at 15. They ran like clock work I could even tell you to the hour when it was going to happen. By tthe time I hit 20 they had become quiet irregular.  I never thought thought anything of it and I concieved my son the following year. In may 2013 iI had the inplant put in and bled constantly for 3 months. I was put on mycrogynon for 4 months to control it. When I came off the pill I had a heavy period which I assumed would happen. Then I was fine for 8 weeks with no bleeding. Then I bled for two days. Only a little but I was really park and brown and slimy. (Sorry for the tmi ) then nothing for another few weeks. I started to feel really bloated and wondered if I was pregnant. After negative results I ruled it out. I had a normal period that lasted 7 and my partner had sex the day after and I woke up and I was bleeding again and it carried on for another 5 days. It stopped on Tuesday. We had sex last night and I've woke up and got more red blood (not a lot) 


In December 2012 i was rushed into hospital with suspected appendicitis.  I felt a pop and the pain went. After a scan and an X-ray they decided it could have been a cyst on my ovary which has ruptured. 

Most days I have cramps, especially first thing in a morning. I also get a lot of back pain and shooting pains in my legs. 

Am I over thinking things or should I prepared for abnormal results. 

I'm worried as I have always had a lot of discharge since I started pubity and I wonder if I'm mistaking it for something worse

Sorry its so long!  


Also, I had a mole/wart/abnormal mark removed from my nose when I was 17. When this came back from testing they said it had cancerous cells that had Blythe developed yet. They also said I could develop it anywhere through my system because of where it was........I just remembered I'm worried lol

Hiya Hun, 

Me telling you to try not to worry etc isn't going to make you feel any better or any less anxious so it seems pointless me giving that advice! But I will say please don't torture yourself with alsorts of scenarios whilst at the minute things could be perfectly fine. 

Even if your smear does come back abnormal, although this is a horrible & worrying time for us this is actually a lot more common than you'd think. Us women just don't seem to be all that open about our smear tests at treatments! 

The est advice I can give you is to keep yourself occupied until your smear test & maybe express your worried to the nurse so she can make a note. 

Hope this helps a little