Could I have CC?


I’m new here and I’m 24 years old. Around 2 weeks ago I went for my first smear and then today I got the results back saying I have high grade dyskaryosis abnormal cells and have an appointment for a colposcopy on Wednesday (5th April 17).

Now I’m trying not to get too worried about it all, I’ve read a lot of reassuring posts on this forum but I can’t help but get a little bit panicky!

I’ve been unwell for months now… Always Lethargic, fatigued, nauseous, a kind of constant grumbling feeling in my stomach, pain/pressure in my back and chest and recently I’ve been having weight loss… A dr has been trying to figure out what’s wrong with me… I’ve had 3 lots of blood tests all clear and a chest X-ray that I’ve not yet got the results back from. How possible do you think it is that these symptoms are CC? Will they be able to find that out straight away when doing the colposcopy?

I also have very irregular periods but I’ve always put that down to having an implant… I start my period at the same time every month but the length of it varies, sometimes I bleed for a week, then stop for a few days then start again for another week… Other times I can bleed for 3 weeks straight.
I actually started my period on the day of my smear test in the evening, I’m still bleeding now nearly 3 weeks later! It’s just slow spotting now though more than a proper period. Does this sound like it could be more than just the implant causing it?

Thankyou for reading! X