Last friday i got the results from my first loop excision and cancer was found it is only

Very early stages but i am not so scared and have to go back in a few days to have

Another loop done. They are confident they can get it but i don't believe anything.

Nearly 12months ago my doctor sent me on a 2week appointment to get my cervix looked

At as she has real concerns and i had been going to them for years with issues.

When i went to the hospital the doctor decidedhe wasnt going to do that and said i 

Had endometriosis instead (two totally diffrent things) i am now so angry if the doctot

Had done what i was actually sent for this could have been prevented but now i feel

Like my whole world is crashing down around me :( xxx

Hi Donams

Im glad they have caught it and that it is treatable and you can be cured, thats excellant news!

However, you are right to feel angry about the Dr. My advise would be to write to the Hospital trust and complain and ask for a review of your experience and to ensure that it doesnt happen again.  I am not necissarily advocating legal action but an apology is due to you and a complaint letter is the way to get things started.

good luck!