scared after first colposcopy :-(

So after I had my smear it came back with high risk abnormalities, and I was referred for a colposcopy.

Wednesday just gone I had my appointment and now I'm more worried than I was before.

 The lovely doctor and nurses reassured me that the whole procedure was routine and they weren't looking for cancer just the precancerous cells which they'd be able to remove there and then with the loop procedure. Ok I thought, I can handle that. The infected cells would only be the size of the tip of my little finger.

Tso I sat back and relaxed right up to the point when the doctor said the infected area was too large to remove via a loop because if she did she'd be removing a large area of my cervix and that would affect my ability tto have children. Ok it's safe to say I was mortified!!

She did a punch biopsy and said id have to see a consultant to discuss the best course of action. After I get my results in 3 weeks.

Not quite sure how I got out of the hospital I was in a daze and floods of tears by the time I got home.

Is this cancer? Should I be worried? I'm only 33 and never had children and now I'm really panicing that that's it?!? 

I've googled stupidly but thought a forum was a more mature approach.

I've got no systems relating to cervical cancer that I know of, no bleeding which I believe is the main one. 

I need you all to be honest..... :-( 

hya hun i didnt want to read and not reply. i dont want to make you feel worse either. i cant be sure as im not a doctor but i think if they thought that it was they would have mentioned something while you where there. especially if there was a doctor there. it is reasuring that you dont have symptoms like bleeding because then it may just be exactly what they said cell changed over large area. i say 'only' lightly as anything to do with this is very scary i know.   What you need to do is try and keep your mind off it, easier said than done. and also take a hands on approach. you need to right down all your questions that you have even if they sound silly, and take them to your appointment. sorry i cant be much more help. x

Hi there, I was lucky in a way that my first colposcopy was with the head consultant, I too had a large area of abnormality which was visable with the naked eye (that made me panic!) however the doc did the lletz anyway, in the end he did miss some and I had to have more agressive treatment 6 months later. It may be that the nurse didnt feel confident of removing all the cells and thinks it might be better do do it under general so they stand a better chance of getting it all out.


Despite the severity of my abnormalities and the 6 month delay in removing it all, my results were still NOT cancer, so I hope you can take some comfort in that. Let us know how you get on.

Thank you for your comment. It has put me at ease a little. 

I think I'd psyched myself up for it all being done there and then by the doctor so when she said she needed to proceed with caution and she wasn't doing the procedure I freaked.

The 3 people I've told all said if it was the big C they be in touch straight away and wouldn't make me wait. So for now I guess no news is good news, still doesn't stop me worrying though :-(

I'll keep you updated.

Michelle x