Expecting LOOP results but asked to go back and discuss them and future management

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. I had an abnormal smear so was sent for loop excision within two weeks of the smear. This was fine, and my doc said she hadn’t seen anything to concern her and to wait for the results in a letter. 5 weeks passed and tues this week I received a letter. It doesn’t have any results in it, however it says they have made me an appointment for next tues to discuss my results and “future management”. Does this mean I have cervical cancer? I am so worried about it and can’t put my mind at ease. I had a smear 3 years ago which was clear so this has come as a big shock. I know it is minuscule to what some people go through but I wish they just said in the letter so I knew what I was walking into on Tues. 

thank you, 


Hi Helen, I too had a letter that said the same thing after a loop. As you can see from my history they had found a little bit of cancer but it was removed. I had a cone biopsy to be on the safe side and everything is fine now.  Everyone is different though so please try not to panic although I know that's easier said than done. I remember how worrying it was especially as my previous smear had been clear too and I will be thinking of you on Tuesday. If you want to chat or PM me feel free. Take care Sara x

Hi, I am same as above

I had lletz to remove CIN 3

They called me in because showed small spot of cancer 1a1

Had a cone biospy to get the remaining cells

Just had the all clear this week.

Just go in with the mindset whatever they say... you can do it.

If anything was life threatening you would of been back before now xxx

Thank you for your responses. My boyfriend proposed to me last week, so I was so happy and then to get that letter was such a shock. People are asking me about wedding plans but I dont want to make anything until after I know what happens on Tues. 

i think it has thrown me even more because the lady who did my Loop procedure seemed happy and just said nothing of concern seen and I would receive the results by post. 

Am I right in thinking if it is anything advanced they can see it anyway before the start looking at the biopsies? 

thank You all,