Just diagnosed :(

Hi all I posted yesterday for those of you who didn't see I'll start from the beginning, I had a smear 3 months ago which came back abnormal I was then seen at the hospital a week later for colposcopy and loop treatment, which for me I found quite an easy process. Then the wait for results I was feeling quite positive that the treatment worked and that would be it, I was then contacted by the receptionist 5 weeks later to say I had severe cin 3 and would need a follow up appointment for the 20th of this month for maybe more treatment. I then out of the blue at 8:30 yesterday morning get a call from the hospital again to say I know we said treatment was going well and it's not what u want to hear right now but can you come in tomorrow morning at 9:10 the consultant needs to speak to you....instant panic at this point I'm 28 and suppose you seem to think your too young and invincible thinking all will fine.

so I went to my appointment this morning the only words I heard were cin 3, cgin and invasive cancer I cried calmed down then more was discussed that I need a cone biopsy in theatre to see how much cancer etc and they have advised me that a hysterectomy is going to be a good option for me I have 3 children not that's not an issue.

Thing is everyone around me seems so upset and I don't seem to have any emotion towards it, is this normal? I mean am I in shock I don't think it's really hit me yet, consultant said Im far from out of the woods yet and to expect a lot of hospital appointments.

sorry for going on just be nice to talk to people in the same situation xxxx

You fight this sweetheart! You give it every part of you possible!!! Im

awaiting my LLETZ resultd had it done yesterday.... Sending you all the love in the world and all the luck.... xxxxx

I'm so sorry for your news. 

I had cin3 removed a few years ago but consultant Thinks it wasn't all removed and I had biopsy today from cervix, cervical canal and endometrium.

my fingers are crossed for you. I'm 27 with one child, so I understand how scared you feel. You can do this and we are all here for you to rant or talk to. 


Thankyou so much for your replies its a scary time but I'm not going to let it get me down, I have 3 children that need me.....I don't really feel much at the moment feel I should be emotional but nothing xxxxx

I was in exactly your shoes a few weeks ago and no the numbness feeling of it all. It's a big shock and other peoples reactions are sometimes more upsetting but I think they hear the c word and get frightened but the facts are it has been caught early and yes there might be some hospital appointments but not ridiculous amounts. i have had a consent meeting where you consent to whatever option they offer you depending on hospital scan(s) and pre op appointment and they tend to be spread out. 

Big hugs and try to do normal things to keep busy watch upbeat film read book go out for meal etc. I normally Google everything but decided to steer away from Google. This site is amazing and ladies will always be here to give you advice or if you just want a good moan. xxxx

Thankyou so much definatly finding the site really helpful and how many supportive women out there and I don't feel alone. They also mention a MDT meeting tomorrow wasn't quite sure what this was if anybody can enlighten me, I'm doing exactly the same and trying to steer clear of google xxxx

The MDT meeting is the multi-disciplinary team meeting where lots of different specialists come together and look at your results and decide on a stage and treatment plan.

Definitely steer clear of Google! 

I mostly manage fine, it often hits me in waves but then I'm ok again (as ok as you can be) The hardest thing is managing other people's expectations of you x

Hi Leanne,

You might be taking this all in your stride because you are a grown-up mother of three, or you might seem to be taking it all in your stride because you are in denial, and haven't actually given it any personal space in your head yet. Either way, or any of the several other possible reasons for your initial response are all 'normal'. There is no right or wrong way to deal with this information because we are all individuals and we all respond differently. All I can say to you is that as one who took it all in my stride, actually found the whole thing quite fascinating really, sooner or later along the line it does hit you, you will stumble, and you will need emotional support. As long as you know that that is also normal, and not a 'failure' of any kind, you are braced and ready to face what lies ahead.
Be lucky :-)