Scared and Feel Really Low

Had lletz in January and cone biopsy in March and at my appointment yesterday was told I need a total hysterectomy and a '+' over a '_' sign upper vaginectomy -which I presume means it's a possiblity but not definite?  Hopefully keyhole surgery.


I lost my mum suddenly at the beginning of January but held it together and have coped reasonably well with the last two hospital procedures.  Suddenly I don't feel like I can cope very well any more and just feel really tearful and scared and don't want to go through this surgery.  I wonder if anyone can tell me what to expect, how they felt after and was it a long recovery.


I'd really appreciate any words of wisdom or help from your own experiences.  I just feel all over the place.


Thank you so much


Hi Ajd,

I really hope you can get through these tough times ahead... I haven't had a hysterectomy myself but a few others I know have and seem so much better now it's behind them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish you a speedy recovery 



Thank you so much for your lovely message x  really appreciated it x

Hey AJD,

I’m just sending you a wee message of love and positivity ❤️

That's so lovely of you ... thank you xx