Here we go again

Went for my check up colposcopy and had the biopsy done again. This seems to be a never ending cycle. Having operation next week to remove massive cyst from ovary that was found after infection from lletz. This has been a year of non stop hospital apts and I’m so drained. I am so desperate for everything to come back ok with biopsy because it’s all to much :frowning: please tell me I’m not the only one who just feels mentally drained by all of it.

Hi Jess,

So sorry you're feeling rubbish, its totally understand able.

Don't have the exact same story as you, kind of the other way round but I feel your frustration.

had pelvic pain for last 3 years. Found a massive (20cm) cyst on my ovary and had that removed in 2013. Thought that had helped but low and behold the pain was back two weeks post op and been having scans and screenings since.

Got my smear results in May, with high grade abnormalities and was given surprise LLETZ at colposcopy. Been an arduous recovery for me over past 4 weeks, mainly because pelvic pain bet ten-fold but got some positive news at least, that they hopefully got all cells and don't have to go back for 6 months. Part of me still like, where are my symptoms coming from, what if they didn't get it all and what if they've missed something, when will my reproductive organs just bloody calm down lol!

Its really frustrating but I will tell you one beacon of hope, I was so scared about the op, like petrified, but it really was so easy and over so quickly and recovery wasn't half as bad as I expected.

Think positive about how they have caught these things early and treatment is happening.

If you want any pre-op/post-op advice, just give me a holla.

Don't feel bad that you're feeling bad! You are entitled to! But know there are lots of some women who will be hear the lend an ear! Xx

I am terrified of having the op. No one can come with me and just feel so alone. If you don't mind me asking what did you take into hospital as i have no idea what I need xx

I know, I was absolutely terrified too, its horrible but I promise you, it really isn't anything like you think it will be.

Do you know if you are having it done through keyhole surgery or normapsurgery?

if its keyhole you will be surprised at how quick you recover and how tiny the scars are.

I would recommend bringing comfy pyjamas and slippers an overnight bag just in case. Sometimes you might have to wait tfor emergencies to go in before you and you might end up in there longer Tha you thought. Other Tha that just something to entertain yourself. You will be allowed to leave as soon as you can wee and all your vitals are fine.

I really would recommend having someone to pick you up and help get you back safe. You will be sore and immobile for a few days.

its only day surgery but they are still messing about with your tum. Going for a pee will be a challenge for a few days and getting in and out of bed is like being an old person lol.

Don't let any of this make you scared I suffer serious anxiety and had driven myself to distraction in the run up and was so surprised at how quick the whole thing was and how you close your eyes and them and its done!

oh and p.s. Don't go for a cigarette if you smoke, no matter how much you want yo lol. BIG MISTAKE.

Please ask any further questions or advice, I know how awful you must be feeling. Xx

I don't the no smoking 48 hours before is killing me as it is. I have become an emotional wreck x