Results tomorrow, feeling anxious.

Hi, I had some continuous bleeding and discharge. I was due a smear  in July which came back abnormal.

I've  had a vaginal scan which showed polyps and  a  complex ovarian cyst.  At my colposcopy they said I had cgin, took a biopsy but referred me for a hysterscopy, polypectomy, colposcopy and extended llletz under GA.

Five days after op I had a call from the surgeons secretary asking me to come in for an appointment which is tomorrow morning.

I'm trying to be positive but feel so stressed. Everything has happened so fast I feel like I haven't had time to take it all in. 

Happy to hear from anyone and just need a handhold, thanks. 


Oh bless you. That sounds so difficult to get your head around. I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer you but I dont.

Hugs xxx

Thanks kernowgirl, I accidentally double posted. 

I did get a diagnosis of cancer but as yet they are unsure as to whether it's cervical or endometrial 

Hope you don’t have to wait long for your answers and a plan.

thinking of you



I hope you get the answers you need soon and a treatment plan ❤

Oh Claracat im so sorry to hear this. I hope that when you get some further information its not too far advanced and your treatment is short. Im am thinking of you, please keep us updated with your journey


Thinking of you. You've got this x