Scared about results of my first colposcopy and biopsy


I am 34 years old. I have had regular screenings like I’m supposed to. I go every year, but my last pap smear was 3 years ago. After it, I was cleared to have that part done every 3 years since I have never had an abnormal pap. This year, however, I got a call two days after having my pap done to tell me I had abnormal changes and needed a colposcopy done. I just had this done Tuesday the 20th (2 days ago). I got my pap results at that time. They read as lsil cin1 but cannot exclude cin2 and cin3. Anywho, so I had the test done. She took a biopsy from two different spots. She said “it does not look like cancer, but I do see some changes that will probably need treatment”. I live in the US and she said 1-2 weeks for results, but of course now what I’m doing is the same as what I was doing when I found out about this at first, which is googling and freaking out and crying a bunch and basically being scared to death that I have cancer. I’m not scared of having a treatment done to get rid of pre-cancerous spots. I’m scared of having cancer. So any helpful thoughts? Anyone know how she would think it wasn’t cancer? Thank you in advance!!!

Hi there

I'm new here but will try and give you a tiny bit of help!

I had a biopsy and CIN1 last year, I would probably trust her judgement if she's not too worried then I wouldn't be either. 

I guess cancer looks a bit different to just abnormal cells, they do this everyday so for us it's a big deal and for them its not so big a-deal! 

Good luck x