Colposcopy before smear results !

Hi Ladies,

wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation to mine.


I had colposcopy 2 weeks ago. During pelvic exam doctor told me that my cervix look row and hard. She took smear sample and booke me for colposcopy for the following day. 

my smear results come back but they secretary can't tell me what they say and I have phone call arranged with doctor for tomorrow. I am freaking out as I though you just get your results by letter.

my colposcopy was normal she said she did not see anything abnorml but she took biopsy anyways ( I don't know why)

my question is can smear show abnormal cells if colposcopy did not? I know that colposcopy is normally done after smear test results and now other way round. 
shoudl I be worried ? Has anyone been in similar situation ?


thank you


Hi Milo838, am in pretty much the same situation as you, had colposcopy on 6/2/21 and took 3 biopsies-ouch!

Waiting for results is the worst, I hope you are ok and the phone call tomorrow is a positive one - everything crossed for you xx




Thank you for replying Rosie.

waiting for my phone call now... scared is understatement !

hope your results come back all ok too. Fingers crossed for both of us :) 

Hi, hope you've had your call and everything is ok. Just to answer your question, yes you can be told colposcopy looks normal and smear then come back abnormal. It happened to me so I was called back for a lletz which then showed cin2. They said the abnormal cells were higher up in the cervix so didnt show on colposcopy but smear picked it up.


I did have my call today. Both of my results came in (biopsy and smear) Smear showed no HPV but unfortunately because that took my smear test when I was on my period they could not see if there was any cell changes in smear.  My biopsy showed CIN1. Dr wants to see me again for repeat smear in 3 month.


I am glad it's nothing too bad but I feel uneasy waiting for 3 month. Not sure if CIN1 can clear by itself or how can I have it with negative HPV


Cin 1 can clear by itself. Try and follow healthy lifestyle and definitely don't smoke as there's a strong link between smoking and cervical abnormalities. Maybe your body cleared the hpv already,  it sounds like good news and reassuring they're having you back in 3 months to be sure all okay.

Hi Milo,

Glad you got the call and you know the results and what's happening going forward, hope you're feeling ok with it all?

result of my colposcopy was "type tz3" which means unsatisfactory as the cells in the transformation zone, which is where pre cancerous changes are seen, couldn't be seen, probably due to the atrophy the area has gone up into the cervical canal. biopsies came back today as inadequate for same reason. Had call today to see Gynae consultant on Monday, to see what next steps will be. Reading up on it i think they will either treat the atrophy with topical estrogen for 3mths to see if the tz goes back where it should be then another colp, or a cone biopsy of the cervical canal which they can't get to with punch biopsies. 

Will update when i know more, am glad am getting an appointment so quickly but worried it's so quick too, and anxious about what might be next. 

Take care and hope all goes well over the next few months for both of us ?

ambrosiarosie xx