Scar tissue two years after diagnosis

Hi, I wasn’t really sure where to post this.

Today I had an urgent colposcopy (within a week of speaking to my Macmillan nurse) as I experienced discharge that was unusual for me and then had bleeding after sex, which is something I’ve never had before.

My consultant oncologist has since retired so I had a different hospital and different consultant who wasn’t as explanatory as my last one.

When I saw my cervix on the screen I immediately knew something wasn’t right as it was all white.

She used the clear liquid on me and said no concerns for cancer and that it was scar tissue. Huge relief it hasn’t returned. She said she would scrape it off and do cervical cautery. Apparently I have no end or middle of my cervix left and very little cervix at all so that’s why it’s happened.

She said this will be the reason I had bleeding after sex and discharge is likely just from the pill. No need for smear or biopsies until I’m next due in November.

I remember being cauterised after both LLETZ two years ago. My cervix was seared and burnt with a tool. She definitely didn’t do that today. At least I don’t think she did.

All I saw was what looked like her scraping away all the white stuff and then placing something on cotton wool and dabbing it all around my cervix afterwards.

I just wondered if anyone knows what I actually had done today based on my interpretation. Google isn’t being helpful. Maybe I should call my Macmillan nurse but I don’t like to bother them when they have so many other people who need them.

Also everything I read about cervical cautery mentions ectropion ( she didn’t mention that at all) and suggests no exercise for a week, no sex for six weeks etc (also not mentioned). I’m so confused. Whilst also of course being so relieved I’ve not had a reoccurrence.

Sending love and hugs to everyone going through this difficult journey right now xx

Hi @Lemon_Lavender

That’s a relief that your doctor thinks it’s nothing to worry about and treated you today.

Hopefully that helps fix the issue.

I’ve been searching for answers and am in a similar situation. I had treatment 2 years ago with Lettz and cone biopsy. I’ve had increased discharge and post coital spotting on occasions. So far smears and hpv tests have been negative last one done in February. I’ve also had an ultrasound in April which was also clear.

Each time I see my gynaecologist she mentions I have cervical scarring and narrowing of cervical canal. I wonder if these are the cause of my symptoms so I’m back to the gynaecologist in 2 weeks to see if I can have similar treatment to what you’ve had done for the scarring.

Thanks for posting. I hope the symptoms settle for you and everything comes back fine again in November.

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Hi Lee Lee, I hope all goes well.

After reading up it looks like the consultant scraped away all the scar tissue cells she could see and then used silver nitrate to cauterise.

I did hear her ask for silver nitrate but I’d just presumed that was one of the liquids they put on your cervix to identify cell changes.

I’m disappointed with the lack of information given re any aftercare or the fact I would experience pain. I ended up having to cancel all my patients for the day in my job and have instead curled up with pain killers, hot water bottle and some netflix.

We go on a camping holiday in a couple of days and I’ve no idea if it’s okay to swim or anything.

Hi @Lemon_Lavender

It makes it difficult that you weren’t given any aftercare advice. Are you able to contact them to ask?

I remember with the Lettz I was advised not to bath , have sex, or use tampons for 6 weeks. However this is a different procedure so not sure if it would be similar. Maybe someone will be able to respond that has had this done also.

enjoy your weekend away camping xx