Bleeding after sex



I have written a few topics and looked into plenty of forums on here. So much information. 


I am 7 months post Rad Hysterectoomy. Lymph node involvement so 5 x chemo 25 Radio. No Brach as the margins were clear. Finished on 3rd Oct. 1st Cehck up 24th Nov- all good. Second one was due 23rd March. I've returned to work, recovering great minus a bladder iissue and have booked a holiday.

Then last Sunday I had a watery discharge and heard a pop during Sex. Saw my Macmillan nurse and Oncologist on friday. Had an internal examination Oncologist couldn't feel any cancer. She's sending me for an MRI as a precaution. It is all a bit of a whirl but I heard words like, granualtion tissue, scar tissue and abrasion mentioned. They didn't seem worried but I'm demented. 


Had Sex again just to see if there was bleeding again when we were more gentle and there was spotting again. 


Grrrr this is horrendous. Wishing I had Brachitherapy now just for peace of mind. What is peace of mind? 

Has anyone experienced this? I suppose the people who did experience this and are fine now have moved on and no longer look at this site as often. 


xx Keep fighting 


I didn't have hysterectomy just chemorads an braccytherapy but have had spotting or bleeding after sex since I finished treatment last may, my keyworker said it was to do with the thinning of walls an gave it a fancy name, I wasn't convinced. I had my 9 month check up an they found an area of concern so had a pet scan which showed no recurrence. So it seems my key worker was right an it doesn't always come back to a recurrence there are other reasons, u know it's easy for me to say don't worry an I know you will until u get the scan results.

Take care


Thank you for your reply Mrs P. 


I go for my MRI scan tomorrow and follow up appointment on Friday. Logically I know it makes sense for the bleeding to be due to scar tissue and my body healing but my mind is racing. I'll keep you posted. I know I trail through past forums for answers and sometimes the thread ends without anybody telling the outcome. I's like to think it's because it's good news and the ladies have moved on! 


N x 

Just wanted to let you know that I had my MRI scan and check up today and I'm offically cured. The bleeding is all part of the healing. The main things my oncologist/gynae  told me to look for is constant pain and bleeding that comes of its own accord, so not as a result of penetration. So that's me done for another 3 months! Smile


That's great news natcog. so pleased for you x

That is great news. So happy for u. Pray that all stays well :-)