Any Advice Appreciated Please

Hiya ladies I had a cervical erosion (ectropian) I had to have treatment last month as I bled and have bad pains after sex so they treated it by freezing it off. But since then the first time me & my partner had sex after the 4 weeks as advised to let it heal I bled and had pains the first time. I didn't bleed the 2nd or 3rd time just had the pains but last night we had sex and I bled quite a bit again and had the pains again. Has anyone else ever had this and if so does it mean the treatment hasn't worked or is there something else that could be causing it? If any of you ladies have had the same any help or advice would be great! Tia xx

Hi Natasha,

I think it means that you are taking a bit longer to heal than some people, we are all different, so nothing to worry about there. It might mean abstaining from sex a bit longer but it's probably worth a call to your doctor to see what they think.

Be lucky


Hiya, I've been to my doctor she's referred me for an ultrasound scan for that and my heavy painful periods I've always had she said they will check my womb m, ovaries & kidneys (as I constabtly need a wee! Also since I had my colposcopy & biopsys in October I've thrush for time. Doctor did swabs when I was there the other day and they rang me yesterday saying I've got thrush (again!) also I got a call off hospital yesterday for my scan I am booked in 12th Feb. Do you know if they can miss anything off your cervix or biopsy or if anything shows up from your cervix on ultrasound scans or does anyone know what can show up when looking at your womb, ovaries & kidneys? Also my treatment was 6 weeks ago xx