Worried 18 year old

Hello everyone, I've been experiencing pain during sex, bleeding after and during sex, lower back and pelvic pain, severe stomach pain all for the past 3/4 months. My periods have also become really irregular. I called my gp and went in to have a pelvic exam, on first look the doctor said it all looks fine then she looked again deeper and didn't say anything after, she says she's going to refer me to have a smear but doesn't know if the service is still on going with all the covid stuff. I bled after the exam. I'm very anxious as I'm only young and have never had this kind of thing before, any advice? 

Amy, please stay calm. There could be a number of reasons for this. Smears are still taking place. Maybe ask your GP to refer you to a gynurologist just to have a look as they've seem loads of vaginas and will know what their looking at, just to put your mind at ease. 

Hi Amy

Harvitt is right there are a number of possibilities for your symptoms so try not to jump to conclusions.   When I went to my GP with abnormal bleeding I was seen by a gynaecologist within 2 weeks.  If you don't hear from your GP very soon contact them again.  I'm also wondering if you could be referred directly to a colposcopy clinic especially if smears are not happening in your area.


Hi Amy, i know all cases are not the same but i just wanted to offer some reassurance as i had been to my gp sevral weeks ago with similar symptoms. Painful intercourse, bleeding, pelvic pain. I was told i couldn't have a smear due to covid but i pretty much begged my gp to take a look as i knew something wasnt right. On examining me her words where "im not happy with the look of that im going to send an urgent referral" i left the gp's in an awful state as i was sure it was going to be the worst possible outcome. Iv spent the last 2 weeks worried sick not sleeping/eating and reading all sorts online.

However today i had my colposcopy appointment and it turns out i have severe cervical ectropion, had some biopsies taking which the nurse has reassured me that shes not expecting anything sinister to come back in my results.

Try not to worry and read too much online and maybe speak to your gp to see if you can be referred for a colposcopy.

Hi everyone I've now been referred to a gynaecologist and have a telephone call with the consultant on Monday, is this normal? Sorry for all the questions I just have no idea what to expect, I'm fine with being examined and things that doesn't bother me, it's just not knowing what's going to happen 

Hi Amy

It's good to hear that you have a prompt referral to a gynaecologist.  My first appointment with the gynae included feeling my abdomen and an attempt to do a smear, also lots of questions followed by a referral, in my case, for a hysteroscopy. I remember one of the things the gynae wanted to be sure about was that I was definitely bleeding from my vagina - he asked me if my bleeding felt like a period.  He also asked me about my periods, pregnancies, symptoms apart from bleeding, how much bleeding I had, past medical history, smear history and a bit about my social history including my occupation.  Obviously that appointment was before the corona crisis and now clinics are only conducting face to face appointments where necessary;  the only thing the gynae can do during a telephone appointment is ask you questions and he/she will then make a decision on what's to be done next.  I don't know enough to say what all the possible options could be  following your telephone appointment; it will depend on what the gynae decides after taking everything you tell him/her into account.

It's the not knowing which can be so worrying and most of us on this forum know how difficult that can be; try and take things as they come and in the meantime keeping busy is a good way of keeping your mind off things and best stay away from Dr Google.