?cervical erosion waiting on biopsy results


I’m posting as I’m anxious and new to this. I have had bleeding on and off for two years. Light spotting at first then changed to brown. Had a smear said i have possibly cervical erosion but they took biopsies as concerned with what they saw. Thought I was going to through up. Had an ultrasound on ovaries found to have a cyst on the left which is causing me pain. Also get pain in centre of pelvis. I’ve been bleeding since all this. The discharge goes from light to foul smelling. I thought I had an infection and stupidly thought it would go away . Swabs negative for infection. I’m late two years with my smear stupid thought I had done it. Any idea how long biopsy results take and how do they give you them? Still no smear result either been 3 weeks. Any advice would be appreciated xx


I'm in the same position as you. I have been bleeding after sex for 2 years. Doctors kept brushing it off as infections. Finally got told it was erosion. Had a cauterisation about three weeks and they took a biopsy at the same time. I received a letter in the post asking me to go for a consultation this Thursday for the results of the biopsy. So that will be about 4 weeks after the biopsy was taken. Im freaking out a bit because I thought they would put the results in the letter rather than call me in but it could be just for a follow up. I think different hospitals do it differently! Hope you get the results soon xx

how did it go? i'm facing the same problem now.. thanks