Please reply. Advice needed

Hi All

I posted a new topic a few days ago but I was quite vague in it and so that may be why I didn't get any replies. Also,

I know people are busy etc. I could really do with some advice or thoughts from you guys.


For quite a while now I have been having quite a lot of pain/discomfort in my pelvic area, some abnormal

bleeding and I guess heavier periods too.


Initially, the GP thought it was UTI's which I have suffered quite a bit with in the past but she then decided to do a

pelvic examination (I missed my last smear test and am overdue booking this one, stupid I know) That was on Friday.


I found the procedure to be quite uncomfortable/a bit painful and once it was done, the GP said my cervix is "fragile" and

she can see a couple of areas that she is concerned about. On the screen, she had written cervical erosion and she said she

was referring me to a gynaecologist for a colposcopy and a transvaginal ultrasound and that I would get the appointment

through within 2 weeks.

She also said to me that it could just be cysts on either my ovaries or cervix.


My mum and Grandmother have had abnormal cells in the past.


I just wondered what you all honestly thought and what I could expect etc....I would be grateful for any replies

Many thanks for your time.


Hi dolly face. My issues are different so I can't offer much advice. I have done an transvaginal ultrasound (I have cysts) and a colopscopy/biopsy though. I found both to be slightly uncomfortable but not painful. It's hard to say though because all bodies are different and sensitivity there differs but for me there was no real pain just discomfort (more so with the ultrasound because she moved it around when she inserted it).Try not to worry about what it could be and how the procedure will go. I made myself worried reading things and googling and the anxiety beforehand was worse than the actual procedures.Hopefully they’ll be someone who can be more help and hopefully all goes well for you. keep positive! Hugs. ps I have heard that cysts can cause more bleeding/pain ect so it could be that. With HPV/Cervical dysplasia there doesn't seem to be those kind of symptoms.