Advice Please...


Although i have been reading through the threads i havent needed to post on here for quite a long time, but to give you a quick idea i basically had numerous loops done for CIN3/carcinoma in situ. After having this every 4-5 months for 1 1/2 years i finally was given a hysterectomy, YAY im cured... or so i thought.. I went for my first check up 12 months ago and the results came back as abnormal cell growth so was called back in (i went earlier today) Today i saw a different consultant to my regular one, she did the colposcopy and said we would wait for the results she also felt around on my tummy - i have a very tender spot to the right but down a bit from my belly button that is very tender and it really hurt when she touched it :( It causes lots of problems and gives me pain when i have sex ( so i try not to have sex anymore as it hurts so much afterwards and my tummy blows up like a balloon) Anyway she said she couldnt see that far up with the colposcope and is therefore going to send me for a scan.

She said the vaginal walls on the vault smear looked ok and cant understand why all my tests are coming back so abnormal so im confused, is it possible that problems can hide on a colposcopy but you can have recurring abnormal (severe) results? and what would cause this? ive noticed a lymph gland on my neck has also enlarged directly below my earlobe on right hand side of my neck - could this be anything to do with it? my heads all over the place hope this all makes sense x

Oh my word, matey. I can see why you are confused and worried.

im afraid I cannot help, just send u lots of hugs and cross my fingers for you that all is ok. Let us know how you go as there seem to be so many people with different aches, pains, etc after a hysterectomy that is helpful to people like me to know what possibilities there are in the future. Just not much help to you, I'm afraid.

good luck

dons xxx