Hi all hope ur all good   

Had my 3 month post treatment results on 13th of this month...treatment had worked to a certain extent but there was still signs of forward 2 weeks..they had a mdt meeting about me yesterday. ..had fone call today and the nurse went into more detail for me...the mri results are inconclusive. ..there is no residual tumour to be seen but there is residual lymph nodes showing up..has anybody else had anything similar??? Gotta go on the 10th may for eua and they will take it from there then xx

Hi Louise. Just to say I had a PET 3 month scan, which showed up possible residual cells - like you, it was inconclusive but they don't take chances and my consultant was clear that he made no apology for 'over investigating'. In my case they rescanned with an MRI after 6 weeks and were reassured. I undertand at the MDT it was discussed whether to do an EUA, but I think where my cells were and the fact that I'd had NED reported during brachy meant they went with the scan. I panicked, obviously, and searched dodgy scan results (or similar thing) on the forum, which brought up quite a few cases of the first 3 month scan being inconclusive. My consultant did say that sometimes it takes a little linger for the cancer cells to die, sometimes there is scar tissue, sometimes the healthy cells are taking longer to heal and so put things out of shape on the scans. There are lots of reasons why that first scan might need further investigation. Also, although none of us want further treatment, if (and it's a huge IF) there are a few minute and contained active cancer cells, they can be got rid of early. Good luck and I hope you can get some reassurance quickly.

Anne x