Follow up results inconclusive

Had my 3 month PET scan results today and I'm really disheartened that I didn't get the all clear. I am still showing mild uptake in my lymph nodes and a small part of my cervix.  My oncologist seemed really pleased that my tumour has responded and has booked another scan for 3 months time. Everyone is really pleased for me and I know I have to be positive, which I will be. But today I just want to vent and I know you ladies will understand how I'm feeling. Xx

Hi princess

I have been in your 3 month post treatment scan came back as inconclusive too..I had a eua and laparoscopy a month later and it was all clear...unfortunately for me they found a 3mm cell on my peritoneum I have just finished 6 rounds of chemo for that and my last scan has come back Try not to panic too much because I was told treatment  still works and it swelling from.radiation damage like mine. .I was stage 2a2 adenocarcinoma with lymph involvement xx

Thanks Louise, do you mind me asking what type of scan you had? Fantastic news about your last scan! Xx

Hi princess

I had mri scan post treatment and then another mri few weeks ago. .I'm due to have a full body ct scan with contrast next week..and that I am told is just protocol after chemo.xx