I don't know what to think of my results...

I had my three month post treatment scan 24th september and my results this morning. One radiographer said it was clear and no signs of anything, the other one said it was extremely difficult to detect anything, no obvious masses but wants to re scan in another three months to make sure. I just feel a bit weird about it, perhaps I'd put so much on today and getting answers and I still don't really feel like I have any. My oncologist didn't seem to have any concerns with that plan but I feel a little uncertain. On the positive side everything else looks really good and I feel well so Ill just carry on :-) 

Hi Hun,

I'm glad you're feeling well.  I would suggest you call you Macmillan nurse to discuss your feelings.  She may help put your mind at ease and also discuss any other issues you may have.  Macmillan where/are my life saver xxxx

These are the kind of things I discuss with specialist nurse, I always call her when I’m worried. Usually I’m worrying over nothing and she says Charlene “if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck” it’s more than likely just a duck. I think a second scan in 3 months isn’t unusual each dr does there follow up slightly different so I would try not to read into that. I’ve never had a post treatment scan. 


Charlene xx