Results - good news!

Hi all

I posted after my 3 month post treatment PET scan to say some cells had lit up on the lip of my cervix. 6 weeks later I had an MRI and yesterday heard that there is no evidence of disease. Yay! I’m massively relieved as the wait has been stressful, but glad my consultant was thorough and investigated the cells. Apparently the dye take up was probably continued radiation activity and there’s a non-cancerous cyst visible, but it’s a type common in young women (I did query that, as I’m 41, but apparently I still qualify). There haven’t been any growths or anything else appearing and they compared all my many scans of various types since diagnosis. There is a MDT meeting today, so I’m hoping no one spots anything or suggests further investigation, but my consultant seemed confident. So, I’m now on 3 monthly check ups at the clinic with scans only if there’s a concern.

I know a couple of others had iffy 3 month scans post treatment, so hopefully this is reassuring. The consultant did reiterate that scans are so sensitive nowadays - which is great for diagnosis and treatment, but can throw up things that then need investigation. I knew this before, but like everyone find it hard to ‘hear’ the rational stuff amidst the panic.

Anne xx

That's great to hear! You must be so relieved. I had my first follow up MRI scan on the 10th April and am awaiting my follow up appointment to hear the results, another week to go!

I'm trying very hard to stay positive (but realistic), my Consultant was very cautious and always worried about my lymph node involvement, especially my para-aorta node. They were all very excited about my five week (pre brachytherapy) scan, which showed big shrinkage but it was obviously way to early to draw any long term conclusions. It's a tough one really, I know a good result now is more than I could have hoped for, but it also doesn't stop the 'recurrence' worries going away. I'll take each three month window as it comes and do my best to look after my body in the meantime. My husband and I managed a 12 mile walk over the Brecon Beacons this past weekend, and in good time too. Given that I could barely walk more than 50 metres slowly before having to stop for a rest going into the treatment in early December, I'll take that as a good sign! 

Your comment about trying to 'hear the rational stuff amidst the panic' is perfect too, by the way. Always easier said than done, but reminding ourselves of it can go a long way to helping. :)

It is so stressful waiting and wondering. Wow, that's an impressive walk - I wouldn't manage that! I was mostly worrying about my lymph node going into the first scan, then that was fine but the original tumour site lit up a bit. I was reassured that, after the first scan, the consultant wasn't panicking - he would have been disappointed if I'd needed more treatment, but clearly had a number of plans up his sleeve to make sure anything lingering could be got rid of ASAP. Reoccurance will continue to scare the bejeebies out of me, but as you say it's best to focus on the three monthly chunks and do what we can to stay well. I did ask if there was any general advice. My husband said, she's vegetarian, doesn't drink and has never smoked. The consultant said "I'd advise you to get a vice"! 

Good luck next week.

Anne xx

Hi Anne 

this is absolutely wonderful news. Such an event must have had you in turmoil. We all worry about recurrence and with every scan or ailment it invades our heads. I'm so pleased to hear that all is well. 


Hi Anne 

good news for you now take a breath take the good news in and concentrate on that I'm sure everyone worries about recurrence but all you ladies please try to concentrate on the good news 

it bothers me that you ladies out there are worrying about recurrence if you spend your days worrying and not getting on with your life and enjoying it then if your one of the unlucky ladies as I think it's more down to luck than stage all you've done is waisted your good days 

Take every day as it comes concentrate on improving your health and fitness and be happy 

cheery well done on your climb that's the spirit 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Thanks everyone. Xx