Stage 2B MRI 'inconclusive' - advice needed

Hi all,

3 month post-treatment MRI 'inconclusive'.

Residual cancer or scar tissue/inflammation?

Biopsy in 10 days to find out for sure.

Have to make some difficult life choices and would appreciate knowing what the odds are for getting an 'its scarring, not cancer' result.

Was half way through moving abroad when original diagnosis received. Husband is in France trying to hold it together there, but if i'm in for a lengthy bout of more serious treatment, we might have to call it a day and resettle back in the UK.

Thank you to anyone who can respond.

Hi there,

what a really worrying time for you.  I am also at 2B and my MRI is 28/3 and I have the same concerns.  However I need to share this with you - I have met a lovely lady through a Jos suport group and she has had the all clear now but when she was first scanned she was told the same i.e. inconclusive and unsure if scar tissue or cancer,  so they left it a month and they scanned her again and the result was the same - no better no worse so they went doen the biopsy route.  When she came round from the GA they told her they had been unable to do a biopsy as there was basically nothing there to do a biopsy on and it was scar tissue.  Have you had any internal examinations as I know a lot of ladies who have effectively been given the all clear before being scanned.  My consultant does not do an internal and prefers to wait for the scan after the 3 months but I think he has even considered scanning ladies even later than the 3 months for the reasons above. The next 10 days will no doubt be really hard for you and your situation must make it all the more difficult but hang in there as your result doesn't necessarly mean bad news.  Am sending you lots and lots of positive vibes.  I am very anxious about the whole thing myself right now but hearing little positive stories like the one above really help me get through.  Please do let us know how things go and will be thinking of you


Hi there I am in the same boat…all my scans were inconclusive…had my 6month PET scan yesterday. …i wil let you know the outcome! Its been a tough 6 months waiting especially as I havent felt 100% and also moved countries mid way through all of this because I was expecting good news and booked my tickets haha. I have spoken to so many ladies on here where its turned out to be scar tisue so I would try not to stress too much…
The radiation does stick around and work its magic for quite some time! Let me know if you have any further questions I am always here xx

Hi There, i have heard this quite a few times and have read a few posts a while back on here (old Jos site) where a scan shows inconclusive then when they get re scanned at a later date t has gne!!! I was a 2B and luckily mine had gone at my first scan after treatment, Laughing, but my nurse did say it is not unusual for there to be still something showing and then be gone at next scan or when biopsied!!! good luck huni i am sure you will be fine!!! xxxx