Results tomorrow

After being treated for Stage 2B last year with chemo, rads and brachy and then given the all clear I have had groin pain. Saw consultant and he sent for an urgent MRI. Had that last week and have an appointment with him for results tomorrow. I am absolutely terrified that it’s back. I don’t know what it means if it is or what the plan will be. I hope I have got myself worked up over nothing but I have convinced myself it is back. I feel sick.

Oh hun thinking of you... I'm having a nightmare time too had granulated tissue think I told you had it removed and consultant said sent it off super urgent hate this waiting part. lots of love thinking of you. Sure it will be fine prob scar tissue etc but know it's so horrible we have to worry like this xxxxx

Hi sweet pea 

im thinking of you and Sarah. Its the waiting but I struggle with.  I had my pet scan last Monday and results today, hence the not sleeping.

im keeping everything crossed for u guys.

love Kimmy  

Oh Sweet pea!

I know only too well how scary it is just before getting scan results. Take deep breaths. Not long now.
Sending you positive vibes, love and hugs


Be lucky :-)

Thinking of you Sweet dreams pea and sending lots and lots of positive vibes to you for today and every day.



Hi sweetpea,

Have been thinking of you all day. Hope your OK xxx

Hi all, 

thanks so much for your messages. I saw my consultant this morning and the scan came back clear - you can imagine my relief. I had absolutely convinced myself of the worst so was surprised to be told it was clear! They can't explain the pain, but I now wonder if it's related to the weight I have put on since starting HRT? 


Love to you all xx

Oh Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! So happy for you!

*dances round room*


That's absolutely fabulous news, I'm so pleased for you all over again xx

Thank you!

Phew! Not visited here for a bit, happy to catch up on happy news xxx