Scan results

So happy  to say my pet and mri scan  results are both clear 

Superbbbbb :)))

That's great news!

It's such a releif  thanks  ladies x

That is wounderful. So happy for u. I go tomorrow for my results. Scared:-(

Woot woot!!!!! I'm smiling ear to ear!!!


Happy for you .... 


Yay,congratulations x

Thinking  of you today  hun  i was so scared  to i kept thinking  the worse I don't  think  I will  eva  not think like  that now let us know how  u get on big hugs  xx

So happy for you! Xx

Yay so happy for you congrats xx

Thanks  so much  ladies  for all  your  support x

Yayy! so happy for you :) 

I have finishd my treatment and have a review in six weeks and a scan in 3 months. Hoping for a great result too x

Hooray! Such great news. Yay x

I'm sure u will get great news 2



fab news so good to hear 

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx

Yep  just  wish  u cud stop worrying