Results tomorrow

Hey all,

Well after a very long 3 months it’s finally results day for me. Feeling very anxious and not too sure what to expect.

Are there any questions I should ask regarding follow ups. What are the chances of an internal examination?

Any help always appreciated!!

I hope everyone is well? Read a lot of good news stories recently


I have no idea, but I wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that all is well.

love t x

Hiya :-)

I think the follow-up format varies enormously from place to place. At your appointment today just ask them what to expect over the next five years :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thinking about you at your appointment today Laura!


Rosie xx

All the very best Laura, I know how daunting those appointments can be, but it will be behind you very soon. Keep us updated. Xx

Good Luck Laura. I've got all my treatment to come and will be in your shoes in a few months time.

Hope it all goes well xx

Hey chickadee,

Wishing you all the luck in the world for today. Let us know how it goes Hunni. We are all rooting for you xxx

Hi Lozleypezz I wish you all the best for tomorrow I hope & pray you will get good news I will be thinking about you Big Hugs xx