MRI tomorrow - feeling quite nervous!

Hi all,

I have my MRI in the morning (following treatment end on 27/12).  The time has actually gone by quite quickly.  Although it's routine and I'll simply go in, get my scan and come home, I feel quite nervous. The last time I lay in that scanner I had literally just been told I had cancer (4 hrs before).  I remember being really alarmed at how noisy the whole process was too!  I know I'll also be searching the MRI  operator's face for a sign of what my scans reveal...I'm guessing the image is in real time and they can interpret it right away or is this not how it works? Can they give you any clue if you ask them?  My official results appt is 9/4 so have accepted I will be waiting until then to know anything.  My consultant didnt examine me at 6 week check so I literally have no idea about "progress". I also saw him last week about a few "issues" and he was non -commital and said he prefered to wait for my scan pics. I suppose I know that this is the last step before D Day and I just have mixed feelings about everything right now.  Just wanted to write this down if that makes any sense? Just wish my results were sooner than 9th but am nearly there now so just need to keep my nerve.

Thanks for reading Undecided

Hi andrea

Just wanted to let you  know I am with you all the way tomorrow. xx (((HUGS)))

You have posted on here in all the time I have been reading and always give positive sound advice to others. I am in awe of your bravery and spirit and I know i would have struggled with the wait you are enduring for results.

MRI scans are not the most enjoyable but look at it as its getting you nearer to that bloody consultant appointment that allows you to move forward at last:)) Think of that sunny place you are considering visiting and that all us girlies are 100% behind you xx

I am sure operators do have a good idea of what they see but i think it is unlikely they will say much to you and its gonna be a long week:((

Hope you are sharing good news soon- you so deserve it xx

Kath xxx

Oh there’s always another thing to freak us out, isn’t there?

I’d say to be careful not to read too much into anything the operator might do or say. We’ve all worried ourselves silly over a throw away comment or ominous tone of voice, real or imagined. It’s 9/4 that counts when the scans have been properly studied in the context of your case.

MRIs are a bit grim. I reckon Kath is right, daydreams about lazing on a tropical beach work for me. I also spend quite a lot of time counting and trying to do breathing relaxation exercises. Or you could spend the time thinking about how to stop your boys scoffing their Easter eggs in one go!

Good luck my dear - afetr all you’ve gone through, you can nail this! xx

Andrea, my love, I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow and will be there with you in my heart. It must be a strange feeling for you because on the one hand, it's such a big day for you because the scan is so important but on the other hand, you won't find out anything about it until the 9th - that's bound to mess with your head a bit, especially as like you say, the last time you had an MRI you'd just been diagnosed. 

I would really echo what others have said about not reading anything into the face/behaviour/body language of the MRI technician. You're right that the result is 'ready' immediately in that it can be seen straight away, but the technician is not qualified to properly 'read' it - that's for your radiologist to do, who then has to get a colleague to have a look, and the results then have to be discussed with your consultant etc... It's so frustrating for you because you want to know and as we all understand, the waiting is awful, but it's absolutely the best way to do it in your situation because the last thing you need right now is to be told one thing and then be told something different a week later when it's been discussed further. 

You're bound to be feeling vulnerable at the moment, with everything you've been through, it's scary getting to this bit, but you can *definitely* do this. I'll be holding your hand as you go into that scanner tomorrow. 

With so much love, 

Annabel. Xx

I too felt more nervous at the 3 month MRI than at any earlier stage. Its like being a kid at school and taking an exam, but without having any control over the result.

All I wanted to add to the above is that the MRI can result in an 'inconclusive' result. That then becomes even more frustrating, but, many, many inconclusives turn out to be simply scarring, not residual cancer, so if you do get one of those back, don't assume the worst. The negative side of an inconclusive is that it leads to even more waiting. Dealing with waiting is probably harder than dealing with the treatment that has gone before.

Hoping you get a clearcut negative result. Best wishes.

Hello Ladies,


thankyou for such lovely replies - I actually had a little moment when I read them!! Its a good job they give you Buscopan for your bowel as mine was even more crazy than normal this moning!  I think with the initial MRI you already have the news you have cancer and nothing can change that at that point in time, but with this one, the hope is that its gone and this "stranger" has all the info and you dont - it does make you vulnerable as Annabel said.

LostinFrance, I'm so aware of the whole "inconclusive" thing after reading your recent post and by also speaking to anothert lady I met through Jo's Support Group.  think this is another reason I am feeling so nervous and out of control again. The waiting is just murder for me so to add another "timescale" to this whole experience will really frustrate me I know - I'm so inpatient!  When do you get your results and how are you coping with everything right now? 

Well, I'm gonna be busy for most of next week as we head south on Monday to Windsor - 2 days at Legoland and 1 day at Chessington Zoo, returning on Thursday. Friday my Mum is visiting till Monday and hubby and I get the chance to go out with friends for a lovely meal (first time since diagnosis). 

Thnks to you all once again and hope you have a lovely Easter Weekend!  Wink

Well done. That's that bit done and out of the way. On to the next bit now! 

I am hoping that being away will help the time go a bit quicker for you. 

Lots of love Andrea. 

Annabel. x

Hi Andrea
Just wanted to wish you all the best with your scan & results. You are always so helpful on here with your replies & advise.
I will be thinking of you.
I finished my treatment yesterday with my 3rd brachy,feel strange now & dreading playing the ‘waiting game’ again :frowning:
Sending you all the luck in the world!!!
Take care.
Karen xxx

Hi there,

I'm just a little bit ahead of you in terms of the whole process. Just wanted to let you know my recent experience with the first 3 month check up.

I had my MRI. Six days later at the clinic I was told the results were inconclusive and I was booked for a biopsy. That happened 12 days later, then there was a further 6 day wait to get the results.

They took 5 biopsy samples - all showed radiation scar tissue only - no cancer cells.

I found the time between the scan and finally getting the biopsy results more stressful than any time since the initial diagnosis, but it all came out fine in the end.

Try not to assume the worse. The doctors will be very cautious and will want to check out any tissue that shows any sign of not being completely 'normal'.

Very best wishes.

Hi lostinfrance (I live in France too).

I'm so glad about your good news.  Back in 2010 I had a similar experience and remember how happy I was when my biopsies came back as rad damage or whatever.  With my symptoms and the suspicious PET scan, the docs had been virtually sure it was a recurrence.

I should think you'll be celebratingLaughing.


Big Hugs


Thanks so much Ladies - almost there now - Results tomorrow afternoon...fingers crossed for the right news and hopefully no more waiting.  If the scan is inconclusive, does anyone know if I can request a biopsy straight off (rather than going down route of another MRI/PET then a biopsy if inconclusive again?). Not sure how I will mentally handle a really long wait.

My Mum visited me this weekend and has just gone back home by train but she has left me a little poem which she wrote...I never knew my Mum could write such a beautiful piece of poetry and I may share it with you sometime - touched me really deeply so am very emotional today.  Fingers and toes crossed xx

Sorry I can't help with your question but just wanted to let you know I have got everything crossed for you Andrea xxx

Hope tomorrow brings you the answers we all want for you


Thanks Kath, will post at some point to say how its gone... hope you are doing ok


I’m a newbie just a the beginning of the process to find out if I do have cervical cancer but just wanted to wish you the best of luck for this afternoon.


Hi Kerry,

thankyou so much - thats really kind.  Are you having a scan today too?  Best of luck to you and let us know how you are getting on won't you