Results tomorrow, feeling anxious.

Hi, I went for my smear mid July and had been experiencing some bleeding which I thought was due to menopause 

My smear came back abnormal and a vaginal scan showed a complex ovarian cyst and polyps. 

At my colposcopy they said I had cgin and two different types of polyp. They referred me for hysterscopy, polypectomy, colposcopy and extended lletz under GA. They also sent me for a CA125 marker test which has thankfully come back in the normal range.   

I received a call five days after op asking me to come in and see the surgeon. This appointment is tomorrow. 

I'm feeling really stressed and anxious. Everything seems to have happened so fast which I'm extremely grateful for but I just haven't had time to take it all in. 

Looking for support and a handhold. Thanks. 













Hi Claracat

Its really tough isn’t it? Understandable you are anxious and stressed out,who wouldn’t be,your allowed. Everything does happen really quickly but like you say you don’t always get a chance to process it. 

Good luck tomorrow! Will be thinking of you. Whatever they say you got this!


Hi lotty9000, thank you for your reply. 

I have kept busy all day so it's not on mind, just sat down with a cup of tea. 

I can see that you too are waiting for results.  I hope your pathology results bring you some relief.

Thank you for answering me. 

Good luck for your appointment tomorrow x

Good luck with your appointment. Will be thinking of you xxx

Thanks lotty9000 and mrsmcdee.

The surgeon confirmed its cancer but they are not sure if its cervical or endometrial. Have an mri later in the week. 

Its been good to find here and be able to post.

Mrs mcdee, hope you get news soon. 

Good luck with your MRI, it’s noisy and takes a while but not too traumatic. I went in feet first so not too

Thanks lotty. I haven't even thought about the mri yet, more the logistics of getting from work and parking the car! 

In fairness this is always a nightmare at any hospital!