Colposcopy tomorrow, sick with worry


I had a smear a couple of weeks back, which didn’t go well. The nurse had to get the doctor to examine me then explained my cervix was red and inflamed, described angry at one point. I got my smear results back which were normal! Massive relief at the time. 

I also had a few days of bleeding after the smear which was tested for infection and clear, with cramps too. My period is now a week late, the nurse confirmed last week it was due to come any day. Since the swabs were took I have been crampy since with some strange goings on in my tummy, lots of trapped wind and bloating( may be due to late period)  and a sore left hip on and off.

I was already stressed and anxious before this, not sure if stress is causing the stomach problems and delay in period as this never happens to me.

My colposcopy is on Friday for completeness as the nurse said. As I get closer I am becoming extremely anxious with thoughts that there may be abnormalities or more when I attend that we’re missed on smear.

Just looking for some advice/ previous experiences regarding visual abnormalities.

thanks for reading,

Tracy x

Just a wee update as I have noticed quite a lot of people don’t update on their progress. That’s it over thank god! one white area, so she took a few biopsy’s and said she would be very surprised if it’s pre cancer cells, more than likely inflammation, as she said there was inflammation but other than that cervix looked normal. 6 weeks for results but I’m not going to stress over it, she put my mind at ease. Xxx

Just to say thanks for updating - it’s the most important part and always missing from the story! Glad things went okay! 

Thanks Katie! I’ve found this a lot too and adds to the anxiety. Hope everything is OK with you too! X 

Thanks for the update! ❤️