Today's colposcopy

Today's scheduled C did not go to plan. I signed the form before hand to have the treatment there and then. I got in the chair and just fell apart and sobbed my heart out. The nurse has arranged for me to have it done with a GA - I will need to wait for an appointment. Whilst she was applying the dye she did take two small biopsy snips and will send them for testing but these were taken from a lower area than the smear had suggested the cells were. Apparently the ones they were expecting to see were Gladular and higher up?

What worries me is that whilst looking just with the naked eye she said she can see the changed cells and questioned if my periods were more painful recently. She also asked again if I had been bleeding after sexual intercourse. I had answered both these questions before the examination as no and am worried why she was asking again. 

So worried that things have progressed to something else. I'm 36 two children and have somehow managed to miss a smear for 7 years... Feeling so anxious and afraid. 

I know it's hard but try not to worry. All you can do is wait for your appointment, I'm sure that if the nurse had really serious concerns that it was something more serious that precancerous cells then she would have rushed it through right there and then. 


Perhaps you could ring the clinic and ask to make the appointment now so that you know when it will be. That's what I did with mine. Xxc

Thank you.. Your right it's so hard not to worry. I think I'm blaming myself for going so long between Smears and the guilt is making my mind run overtime. 

Thanks for taking the time to reply x

Decided to telephone today as have heard nothing and advised that my case has been discussed at the MDT (?) and could

I attend my Preop tomorrow and appointment for the LLETZ under GA on Tuesday. I've still not had any other form of communication or results from the Biopsies previously taken. No information available to me over the phone and advised 

that the appointment was URGENT, hopefully I'll know more after PRE op x


Good luck tomorrow hun please let us know how you get

on. They've left you quite a long time, hopefully it'll be sorted after the lletz xxx

Thank you. Back from hospital and apologies have been with regard to the contact. Basically I had fallen through the normal process and someone should of been in contact on the 15th August. 

 Biopsies show high grade glandular changes but too small to see if anything more serious. We will know more after LLETZ completed and results are back within 2 weeks. Although I asked lots of probing questions unfortunately I haven't walked away kbowing the severity! I'll be in touch x





LLETZ tomorrow under GA.


After weeks I still have no results but have received a phone call asking me to attend appointment with consultant to discuss results that have come back from LLETZ. Appointment Monday.