Dreading Tomorrow

Hi All. This is my first post as I have only just found this site.
I had my 2nd abnormal smear in a row. I had a colposcopy after my first and said everything was fine and to just continue with 3 yearly smears.
I had a smear November which came back as Abnormal and was booked in for another Colposcopy which was last Wednesday.
At the Colposcopy they decided to take a biopsy and said it would take about 4 weeks for the results which seems to be the norm. However, I got a call from my consultants PA yesterday and they want me to go in tomorrow and I have to take someone with me.
I’m so scared that my results coming back so quickly and having to go in to see them so soon, means there is something really wrong.

Hopefully it won't be so bad. Good news is that whatever it is they are dealing with quickly, not much help I know but didn't want to read and not give some support. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow x

Hi JoS,

sadly I don't have any advice to give but didn't want to read and run. Wishing you lots of luck for tomorro. X

Hi, I understand your concern. I would be the same way, so I get your nerves. Maybe they want to do LEEP (LLETZ) & you aren't supposed to drive after. Hopefully it's nothing all is ok:) will be thinning of you. Keep us posted. Hugs :) good luck! 

Hiya x


I haven't got much advice but I hope your ok and whatever happens stay strong and remember you aren't alone xxxx


Much love xx

Hi Guys thanks for your thought.

The results show CIN3 and also 0.1mm cancerous cells.  I have to go back on 17th, once I've healed from this biopsy and have a bigger biopsy as the one they took last time was only small and they need to see if there are any other areas of cancer cells.

I'm relived that it could have been much worse but still a way to go. 

I will keep in touch

Jo x

Hi Jo

I bet it is a weight off your mind - it's the not knowing that is the worst! At least when you know what it is you can deal with it.

Good luck with it all and try and stay positive! 

Sending lots of love 

Charlene x

Hi Charlene,

It is a weight off my mind just not looking forward to having to go through the nervous wait for the results from my next biopsy.

Luckily the consultant said that as they know there is something wrong that the results will only take a day of 2 to come back.

I really hope you get your results back soon


Jo x

Oh Jo, I'm so sorry for your news. Sounds like they've caught it early on which is great news. I swear the waiting round for appointments & results is the most mentally exhausting and upsetting part of it. Xx