Results letter! results?


Please can someone help me? I am so lost. I did post once before but thankfully there has been some progression since then!

30.9- smear test which shows abnormal cells which leads to…
18.11- colposcopy with 2 biopsies told results will come in 4-6 weeks.

4 week wait and a letter from the hospital arrived. I think good now I will know what’s going on!

No. No results. No information. Just come back to the hospital on the 6th of Jan for a colposcopy appointment, bring a urine sample, all medications and it doesn’t matter if I am on my period this time.

What?! What is this? What is this appointment for? Another look? Is it for treatment? What do I do? I’m not getting anywhere!

Sorry but I thought I would know by now where I stand and Im still at a loss.

Any advise greatly appreciated!


hi dollydaydream

Since is still not for another 2 weeks i suggest you call the administration to see whether they can shed any light as it will mean another almost 2 weeks of waiting and that seems really unfair i’m currently waiting my biopsy results and i know the waiting is maddening.

Please do call them and ask if someone can get back to you with a little more information and maybe be good to take someone for moral support on the 6th of jan.

the waiting is torturous.

positivity your way xx


Thank you for your reply. It helps to know you're playing the waiting game too. Rubbish isn't it. 


I am probably getting worked up over nothing but I feel like I am getting nowhere. I don't understand why I need a second colposcopy so soon after the first. And the first letter said if I was going to be on my period I should rearrange but this one says it doesn't matter?? 


I don't understand what is going to happen at the appointment or at any point afterwards. I have no answers and it's the weekend so I can't even call anyone. 


I'm really sorry to whine on so much. I know there are so many people going through much worse than me. I just have no one to talk to at the moment and I'm scared and I'm sad. 


My situation is different from yours but be assured you are not whining. Like me, perhaps you have little medical knowledge, and that only adds to your feeling of isolation and fear.  Except that it would seem that on this site none of us is alone, as i have discovered in a reply to my first post.  One thing I do know though in a situation like this - ask - and live each day to the full.  You are loved.

I wish you all the best.


Thank you again for a lovely reply. 


The good news is I was able to speak to the hospital today And it sounds like there will be another letter to follow that will explain more, it should of come first but at this time of year postal delays are understandable! The colposcopy secretary was not in today but the ladies I spoke to really tried to help, they have confirmed that I have CIN3 and she speculated on what the treatment would be but as it is not her area of expertise she couldn't confirm. 


I feel so much better having spoken to someone, and now that I know what I am dealing with.