New letter?

i had my colposcopy October last year due to abnormal smear which came back high grade. At the colposcopy she took some biopsies. She said these are to confirm the grade. She said if it was ok, then I would just have another smear in 6 months.

ive recieved a letter to attend colposcopy again on the 23rd of jan. I’ve had no results or anything so I’m worried sick the biopsies show cancer? 


Anyone ele had tgis? Am I been a drama queen

Hi Carrie-Ann,

I had same result from smear and had colposcopy with lletz / biopsy on 3 Dec 18.  I was told that I would hear either way within 3-4 weeks re outcome of biopsy.  I recd a letter a week later with 6mth colposcopy smear date. I questioned it as not yet had results - they said it was routine to make the 6mth appt for 'test of cure' smear and that I would receive the biopsy results in due course.  I have now been advised that these are now taking 6-8weeks (due to Christmas) not 3-4 weeks but if anything was untoward you would hear earlier. I recd a letter yesterday confirming colposcopy findings (this was also sent to my doc) it also states will send biopsy results as soon as known.

From my experience with the 'process' I would say that it's just the routine check up appt.  Your Doc should have a copy of the colposcopy findings and biopsy so maybe give them a ring just to put your mind at ease.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on. 


First of all, you aren't a drama queen...Its a scary feeling to go through that...I was sent for a colponoscopy and my mind was all over the what did they say, what are they looking for, do I have cancer etc etc etc...So you aren't alone in your thinking and where your thoughts are going...Good luck to you and hope its  good news.