Another waiting for results thread

Sorry girls, I see there are lots of waiting for results threads but it's playing on my mind again.

I had my colposcopy and biopsy taken nearly four weeks ago and still no results. I called the hospital last week and all they said was to wait the full six weeks for the results plus because they are moving departments, I should add a couple more weeks on just in case.

To me this seems crazy!! Surely if the results are bad then they would want to act quickly? I'm wondering whether to call again and ask them to actually look on the computer screen to check for the results.

But then I'm also thinking surely no news, is good news? That if it was bad, they would definately contact me sooner.

How long did people wait for and how did they get their results?



Hi Becky,

You poor dear, this is the last thing you need at such a worrying time, the waiting is agonising. I feel like 6 weeks is a long wait, not sure if 6 weeks is normal or not. Certainly when I had my colp and biopsies in July my results were back after a week (although they did rush them as I was moving away). I think where I had mine done (Cheshire) the standard wait is a couple of weeks. I would definitely phone again and explain your concerns to them. The other thing you could try is phoning your GP to see if they have had your results through? 

Hope you get them soon hun,

Belle x

Thanks for your reply.

I just called the hospital and they said they haven't received them back from the lab yet. I'm assuming that no news, is good news!

Hi Becky

No news is good news I say......and in any case if it helps you to think more positively then you should definitely think that way :-)
You keep your chin up and remember that its more than likely this will all be behind you very soon.

Fingers crossed xx

Hi Becky,


No news is definitely good news in this case! :) I received my abnormal results in 1.5 weeks after Smear and they called me about cancer one week after LLETZ procedure, so lets hope that you are absolutely fine ! xxx


I agree with the no news is good news thing although I know that isn't going to make you feel any better atal. I received my results after 10 days but it was marked urgent and she said it would be 1-3 weeks. I have seen on here around 6 weeks is the normal waiting time for alot of women. I would keep ringing every few days if needs be and it makes you feel better. I think sometimes we have to be abit on the pushy side! Waiting is one of the biggest things we face I think. We wait for smear results, then colposcopy appointments, then ribosomes results, treatments....... The list goes on! Hope you hear something soon. Keep us all posted.



Hiya Becky,

I'm going to disagree with the "no news is good news" theme and say that in some departments it does take a really long time to get the results in. It's not that the results are in but they can't fit you in to tell you, it just takes a long time to send them off for testing etc.

After my abnormal smear I was very quickly referred for a colposcopy (within a week), however I waited a full 6 weeks (to the day) for the results after my LLETZ.

The time you wait, whether long or short, is absolutely no indication of the results I'm afraid!!


I received my phone call to confirm it was cancer 2 days after my colposcopy, though the nurse had pretty much indicated it was during the appointment anyway. I know my biopsy was sent off as urgent as she was concerned about what she’d seen. I really hope that in your case the long wait means they the results are good, will have fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

Ali x


I have had 3 colposcopies over the past 18 months. The first time I waited about 3 weeks for my results (was CIN 1) Then the 2nd time which was a 12 month follow up from the CIN 1 I again waited about 3 weeks (results CGIN and CIN2) I then had a 6 month follow up in July and only received my results last week, it was a 9 week wait! The reason for this i was told is that the consultant went on holiday and then her secretary went on holiday causing the department a backlog! The results of my biopsy... inadequateUndecided So all that waiting and I dont even have a proper result, my consultant thought she saw an area of mild abnormality, so I will be back there in jan for yet another colposcopy and more waiting for results..


Hope you get yours through soon, fingers crossed u get some good news

I hate the waiting!

I am waiting for the results for my second follow up, they said they would call me this week.

Its coincided with the fact we are currently house hunting at the moment. Eveytime my phone rings I jump out of my skin and its a bloody estate agent!!

good luck




only just read this post. Just wanted to add my tuppence worth to the conversation. No news is definitely good news!! The hospital rang we as soon as they got results from lab 2wks 3 days later and I was then seen by the consultant 2 days later to tell me. So 4wks seems a long wait if something was wrong. Fingers crossed

xxx don