Hi all, I have laser treatment and loop biopsy done on 30th Nov and they told me u should get results back within 3 weeks didn’t get no letter so I rang them up on the 4th Jan and I was told my results were not back yet! So I waited another 2 weeks and rang them up yesterday to be told my results are back but the doctor is on annual leave so the receptionist said she will see if another doctor will have a look and send me out a letter and if I havnt heard nothing by the end of next week to ring back! So that means it’ll be a nearly 9 week wait if I do get the results by next week and if not even longer!! How can they make us wait so
Long? I know it’s probably good news but I wanna see for myself! Sorry for the rant guys and thanks for reading I’m just very annoyed!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was/is left waiting! :(
Not fair is it! Gives us lots of time to worry!

I had a sort of simular situation with their late-ness but I haven't yet had any treatments.
My last appointment at Colposcopy Clinic was the 15th Dec which was a biopsy and was told I had HPV and a results letter would arrive in about 3 weeks. 

I then had a completely seperate appiontment with a gynecologist to discuss my fertility problems on the 7th Jan and she told me that I had CIN3 and she didn't realize that I didn't know! I broke down in tears there and then it was awful to find out like that with no other information. Her secretary went off and phoned Colposcopy who told her a letter was put in the post that morning. I figured it would be sent first class and be with me in the next few days... 4 days had passed and nothing! I left it and tried to forget about it as I figured it would just turn up.

Gave up though Tuesday (19th) and phoned the Colposcopy Clinic. The woman I spoke to said she couldn't see anything on the records about me having any other appointments or letters in the post but she would speak to a supervisor and get her to call me. I got a call back a few moments later and the woman said we posted the letter yesterday and your treatment will be on the 23rd Feb. Apparently it wasn't made earlier because my doctor is annual leave also, no excuse though is it!

Don't know why they lied about a letter being sent on the 7th! But if they knew I had CIN3 on the 7th (or who knows how long before that) why did they wait until the 19th to even book me an appiontment? Then to have to wait all the way to the 23rd Feb for treatment??? I might even have to rebook yet as I might be expecting/on my period that date. Grrr!

I hope you get your good news soon! x

Sheesh, they must make you wait forever in the U.K. - if that is where you are?