results from smear

hi this is the first time I've posted or even spoke about my results properly I've gotten 3 hospital appointments an i can't physically go I'm too scared I was wondering if anyone knows how long it can be before it can turn to cancer if I don't go for my colonoscopy I have all sorts running through my mind this was my very first smear I'm 31 an got 3 kids I got my results 9n the 20th of May an just can't go the hospital I've not told my partner anything cos I know he will just go on at me to go but it's not that easy for me thanks for reading xx

Hey, sorry to hear about your worries. Let me just start off by saying that during a colposcopy they just look at your cervix more closely and may put a dye on it to see the area more clearly. If you are nervous about the procedure you should go and talk to your GP as they can offer advice and perhaps something to calm you down a little bit. I completely understand that you are worried but you really do need to be going to your hospital appointment. Sometimes cancer can be aggressive and spread more quickly so I would advise that you are going to be better off nipping this in the bud now rather than let it go on and make it worse for youself. If you don't want to discuss this with your partner perhaps you could take a friend with you. Aswell as this if you do decided to go to the appointment tell them that you are nervous and they will try and put you at ease. Serioulsy, you are better going to get it checked out sooner rather than later