hi guys, so so scared right now! Had my smear results as mild cell changes and hpv positive, had my colopscopy Thursday to be told they were worse then they thought??? Not told how bad! Spoke about doing a biopsy but didn't as I was nervous, consultant was called in and she had a look (they all struggled as cervix is very high) consultant said 'it's not cancer we will see you for surgery' walked out.. Nurses told me to get changed and booked me in for 8th July to have the loop treatment, nurses again told me they had decided to operate as I was nervous and because my cervix is high... Can a consultant say it's not cancer just from looking at the screen? I don't feel anythings been explained properly! Had my smears every 3 years this is slightly late but 7 weeks due to them bookig me in when they had slots and fell on my periods, never had any problems before! Complete mess, scared its the worst thing, just don't know how im Gonna relax and I know I need to :( 

Hi,sounds like you are in shock and highly emotionaly.I am not sure how much expereince you have with the medical professionals but i have found that you do have to push to get answers.Did you have your colopscony at the local doctors not hospital?If so book a appointment with your doctor and in that appointment asked to have your colopscopy results explained properly to you,and to be explained what you had done,why you had it done,the next step and why they are taking that step.I am sure but not certain that the doctor can tell from smear what results are cell wise,would be of great help with your nerves if you knew where and what was happening.I am trying to remember my result (smear)andi am sure i had a letter from doctor explaining the results and what next plan of action was(hospital,)I has high cell change.Dont think they can tell whatCIN till biospy ,again worth checking this with doctor.I write down any questions that are troubling me and show them to the doctor.Dont feel that you are being rude you have a right to know what is happening and giving the doctor your questions is not unusal.Remember if this is (and i am not trying to scare you)a long haul thing to sort out,it helps to know that you have faith and can be confident in speaking up about your concerns.If not change your doctor till you find one who you feel comfortable with.Reading your comment again sound like you are booked for LLETZ under local G.A.Do you have a hospital that has a macmillan nurse(does not mean you have cancer just that they understand the procedures,nice to have chat with) who can answer and explain what is happening.If you check on the web you will be able to find your local nurse,where she is and what time clinic is.Open to all public and there to ease your concerns.Mine was a star,Also you could ask the expert on this site,or you could go and have a nosy around the macmillan web site full of information and again have number and emails to call if need help.Rest assure people are there to help you(the medical professional not always that willing,doctors,nurses)some good webs.I hope with a bit of searching,emailing or again talking to doctor you can find some anwsers.Hope (and a good glass of wine)that helps.,best wishes mandy(breast cancer/remission/gynae problemsLLETZ/biospy/colo/all last 4 years non stop)  (also a good site i have found with a very good nurse (but cant name in public doman)i can give you.  


I'm in the same position as you but they took a biopsy from me during my colposcopy. I was quite happy for them to do that but they've obviously decided to just give you the treatment and send a sample off from there due to you being a little nervous. Try not to panic, at least you have been told it's nothing too sinister and your abnormalities are easily treated. The treatment is likely to be lletz which I think is pretty straight forward. Sounds like they haven't explained much to you. Maybe try ringing the clinic and request a call back for some reassurance, that's what I've done. I didn't get an indication of diagnosis, just got told it was worse than they thought so I'm waiting for them to call back, I'm assuming they meant that there was simply a larger area of abnormalities than my smear indicated. The waiting is the worst bit isn't it?! As I say, try not to worry until you know if there is something to worry about. Good luck with your treatment x  

Hi guys, thanks for the replys! theu consultant told me 'I can tell tou now it's not cancer' they spoke about doing the treatment but they decided I was to emotional and would struggle with my cervix so they adviced to come back, would t think my consultant could say these things if she was unsure, I think us being put to sleep is when there's a bigger area covered then thought, I to had smear results saying mild and hpv positive, smear was done at the doctors and colopscopy was at the gyno clinic.. im booked in for surgery was given my date there, horrible waiting and not knowing!!! Googling a the worst thing too.. I just want it over! Good luck with your treatments girls xxx

Hi there

I am in a quite similar situation to you. My smear came back as borderline and I asked the consultant who did the colposcopy how she thought it looked, and she said CIN1 or CIN2. They look at cervixes and CIN all day so can probably take a pretty good guess!

She took 3 biopsies on the day and the results came back as CIN2, just as she had said, so I will be having LLETZ treatment shortly.

What you may want to check is whether when they talk about 'surgery' and that they will 'operate' they are booking you in for LLETZ under general anaesthetic, which they may be doing because you are very nervous and also have a hard-to-reach cervix. It sounds like that might be the case. You should get a letter soon, which will explain what you're booked in for and whether you will be under general or not.

Quite a few of the ladies on here have had it done under GA for a variety of reasons. At least that way you wake up and it's all over!

Anyway, big deep breath lass, I am sure that all she meant when she said it was worse than she thought was that the level of CIN cell damage was a little higher than the smear initially suggested. It doesn't mean that there's anything terrible lurking up there!

Big hugs



Hi Elise, when I got changed the nurse showed me what they would be doing, it's Deffo the loop treatment as she showed me the loop with the handle, I got my operation date there and my letters, im booked in tomorrow for my pre op then the hospital date for op is june 8th xxx


Oh that's good, at least you know what they are going to do now. There's quite a bit of info on here from people who have had LLETZ treatment under general anaesthetic and the general consensus seems to be that it's not too bad.

They do send the piece that they remove during loop treatment off to be checked out, so I guess that'll take the place of a biopsy in your case.

Good luck, and hope that it all goes well for you on the 8th

x x

Are you having your surgery under ga? I was wondering tomorrow when I have my pre op if somebody will be available to talk to? I just wanna know what they saw as they didn't tell me how bad it was? I inky had mild results frim the smear and during the colopscopy she said it 'worse' but nothing was said! Im holiding onto the consultant saying it's not cancer but im just so terrified! Im really  not myself completely playing with my mind! Hope all goes well for you in July xx

Aww, try not to worry, I know it's hard not to though. Mine was 'worse than expected' too, in that it was CIN2 after a borderline smear. CIN2 is a long way off being cancerous though, and really the consultant would have been pretty irresponsible to say it wasn't cancer if there was any chance that was likely.

They should be able to tell you what the suspected CIN level is at your appointment, because the person doing the pre-op must have your notes. If they can't explain, perhaps give the colposcopy unit a call. Mine are fine with you ringing up if you've got any questions, in fact they encourage you to.

I didn't take them up on the offer of having LLETZ under GA, mainly because I have never had GA before so have no idea how my body will react to it and how long it'll take me to get back to normal. I'm self employed so no work = no pay! On that basis, I have decided to give it a go with local anaesthetic. My consultant is really nice and says even if I change my mind on the day, it's not a big deal, so I am pretty comfortable with giving it a go. If I am just too nervous or can't cope with it, I still have the option to go back for GA at a later date.

Good luck for your appointment and hope all goes fine for you too :-)

x x


So today I had my pre op.... Asked again to see the nurse as I was comfused! She told me that the Results from the colopscopy were higher then mild but it's deffo not cancer! The consultant told me this on colopscopy day too.. I feel more relievers as she said they would know from looking at the colopscopy if it was very bad? Is this right? X

Yes, they can tell an awful lot just by looking. There are quite a few ladies on here who have been diagnosed with CC and who said that the consultant at the colposcopy was able to tell then and there that it was cancer. Likewise, they are pretty good at recognising the different CIN levels (which they will see an awful lot more often than cancers after all!)

If the changes were mild, they wouldn't be operating yet - they would wait to see if it sorted itself out. You'll know once they have had a chance to analyse what they remove during the op exactly what level it's at.

You sound like you're really worrying about this. The nurse and consultant have to be professional so are very unlikely to have said it's def not cancer just to make you feel better. Hopefully once you've got the op out of the way you'll be able to relax a bit, knowing that the bad cells are gone

take care x x

Thank you! Feeling a little better! Few drinks tonight Cuz it's been a hard weekend needing answers!!! like she said we don't lie we tell you! Good luck everybody with future apps ill

keep an update on what happens! Much love xx


Hi guys. so yesterday I had my LLETZ didn't want to go to sleep so had sedation and spinal block, all went well, Dr came to see me later on in day and told me it went ok and not to worry, asked what cin it was and she said wait for the results and shoukd be a 6 month check up (smear) didn't seem overly concerned but now im freaking out because she told me she had put a stitch in, I can't remember why she put a stitch in, I don't know if she cut something out or she just nipped me, My partner who was with me said she nipped me, can you get a little nip from the LLETZ? She didn't seem concerned at all after treatment, she had no issues when came to see me, would she of told me if she had of seen anything? Freaking out :(