Hi all, new member here so sorry if I’m doing something wrong. I went to the Dr on Friday as I noticed I was spotting a tiny bit after sex. Now I’m a carer for my husband, sex isn’t exactly something that happens around here often so I put it down to that lol. But better safe than sorry I made an appointment and went along. She took a look at my cervix and said it looked inflammed and referred me to get checked at the hospital. My appointment for that is tomorrow. She did say they may take a biopsy, but they would explain all that when I get there. But reading online if I need a biopsy I can’t drive myself home?
To be honest I’ve no idea whats going on. I honestly thought the dr would just say ‘no you’re fine on you go’, not be handing me a leaflet about cancer.
To top it off I started my period today so I don’t even know if I can get things done now?
I know nobody can tell me whats going to happen point by point because everyones different, but what usually happens next?

Hi, Sorry to hear you are going through this worrying time. Hopefully you are on the road to finding out some concrete information but the waiting is the hardest part i know. I think you were at the hospital yesterday so I really hope that went ok for you (yes they can still do a colposcopy - camera looking at cervix, when you have your period but i think it can make it more difficult). Im assuming that they would have done a colposcopy at the hospital and maybe taken some biopsies? hopefully they have given you are clear picture of what the next step is for you now. Unfortunately thats usually another wait to get results from the biopsy. It is different for everyone, and as you had not had a pap smear your journey is different to mine. I had a pap smear that showed CIN II & III, and when i went to colposcopy clinic I had a Lletz proceedure there and then, but others have biopsies first and then go back for treatment according to what the biopsy finds. 

I hope you have been given guidance and reassurance from the hospital, feel free to ask any more questions on here if you need to though. There is loads of great info on this website about cell change stages and treatments, should you need any xx


I'm new to writing on here, but when I was going through a similar waiting time it was very supportitve and informative to read everyone's experiences.

I am someone (like many) who thinks the worst in these situations and I know nothing that I write will stop that worrying, the best advice I got was that it's ok to worry and completely normal but it's important to think daily and carry on with routines and talk to people. I had the same experience like so many women of the dr noticing my cervix looks different and taking a biopsy. The waiting is horrible and for me they found CIN2 and 3 and then I had a cone biopsy and then waited to find out they have removed it all. I hope you discovered if you needed a biopsy that yes it can hurt a little but for me it didnt so much and I felt an ache for a while afterwards but could carry on fine with the rest of the day. 


What happens next depends on so many factors and what the biopsy finds and what your dr thinks is best for you, I hope you feel less scared in knowing you are not alone. Since having treatment I'm a lot more open to discuss these things to family and friends and found out so many women close to me had been through some level of this. 




2013 - first smear , Clear (UK)

....moved to sweden

2014 - second smear, didnt recieve results but later discovered to be CIN1

2015 april - noticed bleeding after sex, smear test and coloposcopy biopsy

2015 may - results extensive CIN 2 and 3, recommened for cone biopsy

2015 august - Cone biopsy

2016 feb - all clear but took a smear, small biopsy

2016 march - all still clear and follow up in one year