Results but no comment on hpv

Last year i was told I had CIN 1 (after colposcopy) and high risk hpv. I went back this year and after a long wait for results my letter said my cervix appears normal. I am not in an area where they do primary hpv testing yet. My results say nothing about hpv so I dont know if it cleared. The doctor says it either cleared or they havent commented on it because my cervix appears normal.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I guess if the cervix appears normal then that is the main thing. I have to say I was expecting to have to go for a colposcopy again with it being CIN 1 last year.

I have been asked to go back for another test in one year due to the previous results. By then my area will do most likely hpv primary testing. 

Hiya I’m in the reverse position to you in that. Had cin1 and hpv at colposcopy last year, this year it’s primary hpv testing and I have come back negative so they haven’t tested the cellss ! I would think the most likely thing is that you have cleared The hpv and your cells have therefore returned to normal . I may pay for a private smear in a year to be safe as I’ve been put back to 3 yearly now . 

I think when you are hpv negative there is such a low chance of anything developing in the next few years. We both seem to be in the same situation except the other way round! I  I wanted to know if mine cleared or not, I expected them to comment on it after last year but with them not doing primary hpv testing I guess that will be next year. 

Yep all we can both do is be vigilant and responsible for our health if anything crops up that worries me or symptoms I’ll be straight back to the doctors, going to keep trying to be healthier etc to keep the hpv at bay. I would really have liked for them to check the cells just as u  would have liked the hpv checked! Just got to keep on top of the smears and Amy symptoms I suppose.