Abnormal Smear/HPV

This post is on behalf of a close friend of mine. She had her smear test done and it came back abnormal so she had a letter saying this and that she had to go back in 6 months time. She returned for her follow up smear and the nurse told her that it came back abnormal cos she had HPV. Her follow up test came back normal so it seems that the HPV cleared up by itself. She is worried that cos it came back abnormal does this mean she had CIN1? She has asked me to ask anyone on here if they know cos she knows that im already a member of the forum. Does anyone know if it was classified as CIN1 cos it was abnormal or did she not have CIN1 cos she had HPV? hope that this makes sense! 


I'm not expert, so I ask that the other members keep me honest here, but....

I think that in order to determine CIN1, CIN2, etc. that she will need a biopsy of any abnormal cells. I know that the letter I got back in 2014 only said "abnormal" and wasn't more defined until my colposcopy. 

I am not 100% sure, but I think if they had picked up something serious during her pap, they would most likely call her in relatively quickly. 

Hope she's doing ok :) waiting is the absolute worst!

Hey, thank you for responding. She says that she didn't have to go for a colposcopy at any point she just had to have another smear done in 6 months time and now dependent on this result she will need another one in 12 months time. She was just really worried that she had CIN1 but from what you are saying no she didn't. I appreciate you taking time to answer her question cos she asked me and to be honest I wasn't sure so thank you :)

Hi just going on my results my smear came back abnormal with hpv and I'd to have a colposcopy done and that came back cin111 so just finished the lletz treatment on Tuesday, if she had cin1 I think that they would of said maybe it might just of been abnormal over the hpv, I could be wrong, tell her ring who ever she got the smear done and I'm sure they would tell her, 


my understanding is HPV is a virus that increases your risk of developing cervical cancer. It can cause cell abnormalities but our immune system can also fight HPV off. So it is possible that HPV is present without any cell abnormalities. Your friends immune system is probably fighting the virus. Hope this helps!

Hiya Lauren1991,

Yes, I think that you are probably right. She was scared stiff when she got her letter saying abnormal then got told she had HPV