Less than CIN 1

Hi everyone,


A month or so ago i had my colposcopy for a negative smear but positive HPV. 2 years ago i had CIN 1 diagnosed via biopsy and 7 odd years ago CIN 2 treated with lletz.

The Dr had a look and said "nothing there"... spent about 20 seconds down there. 

But todayI got my letter through which said "abnormality seen less than CIN 1"  how do they know which level of CIN it is unless they biopsy or take a smear? I. Know its not life threatening but it feels like sloppy treatment. The guy was quite selfless anyway tbh, and had an "observer listening in behind a curtain.


What do you ladies think? 



Hi Spacebunny,

I'm sorry for the experience you've had and can understand your confusion. Less than CIN 1 is borderline changes, but the fact is they can't say for certain what's happening unless some sort of sample has been take (smear, biopsy etc). I was once told everything looked normal at colposcpy. Fortunately the doctor took biopsies anyway, and it turned out I had CIN 1.

Considering your history I think if it were me I'd be inclined to go my GP, explain my concerns and ask for a second opinion. 

Let us know how you get on and all the best x

Hi twilight, thanks for getting back to me. Looks like we both had a similar experience. Wish I could just knock HPV on its head :(

I'm going to the clinic (for something else unrelated) on Friday and I'll let them know my concerns. I mean its not a major deal for me I done think as mine seems pretty content pottering around as low grade. But that kind of treatment could have serious consequences.



Hi Spacebunny,

How are you doing? I wondered how you got on at the clinic? Were they able to shed any light on the situation?

Like you, I wish you I could get rid of the HPV. Sadly it doesn't seem to be going :-(

I had my latest colposcopy this week, now I'm awaiting the results. 

Take care x