Smear after Cin1

Hi all,
I had an abnormal smear result just over a year ago and had a colposcopy which showed cin1 and HPV. I was told to go back to my GP in a year for a smear test to see how things were. I had my smear test last week and am now very anxious. I feel on edge and so worried. My partner knows and is understanding but I don’t think he quite gets why I’m so worried. Has anyone else felt this way?
Thinking of everyone going through difficult times and thanks for reading x

Completely feel the same. I am HPV+ and have CIN1 and I have my colposcopy tomorrow and I am so anxious. I think partners don’t necessarily feel anxious as they still love us and are not going through it themselves. Maybe they try and put on a brave face?
Although I’m typing this as my boyfriends asleep on the sofa :joy:
The logical side of me tells me what does stressing achieve? Nothing, HOWEVER the irrational side tells me this is it!
We will be 100% fine and we will get through the tough times. Positive thoughts being sent your way!

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If you’ve not had a colposcopy before, don’t worry, it’s much the same as a smear X


Hi @TashaKT81 :blush:
I think it’s totally normal to feel a little bit anxious but try not to stress to much hun as everything will be fine!
I was in the same boat a few months ago with my CIN3 and I was soooo looked after and supported by the nurses at the Colposcopy clinic and at the doctors, so if it does result in Colposcopy don’t worry it’s absolutely fine.
My husband was very relaxed about everything but then after I’d had the CIN3 removed he said he was worried but didn’t want to let on incase it worried me more. Bless him.
There’s lots of lovely support on here if you ever need a chat!
Let us know how your results go.
All the very best!
Soph x

Hi BM28

I am in the same boat as you. I have had HPV for a while now, a couple of years, it seems to be inactive which is good, but just last year they found abnormal cells on my cervix CIN1 and I am scheduled to go in for a LLETZ on Tuesday, I also have a history of Endometriosis which they think could be back so doing that operation as well. I am so nervous for what the outcome may be. been googling so much :slight_smile:

I have constant pain in my ovaries that force me to take pain meds for it. which is concerning.

did you have pain in your ovary?

How did the procedure go?

My procedure went ok. I thankfully didn’t need a biopsy but they just confirmed it was CIN1. Although I’m waiting for my letter to come through.
I honestly had no symptoms whatsoever! That’s why it was a shock to me. But I’m so glad I went for my smear tests. If it’s anything more they’ll catch it sooner.
Do you think your pain is your endometriosis?
Hope it goes away soon!