Biopsy results CIN 1 - but follow up 1 year?!


I had my first colposcopy just under a month ago, they took 4 tissue samples the doctor said he wants sure whether it was CIN 1 or 2 so would need the biopsy to confirm...he also said he thought it was hpv which had caused the changes as that came back on my smear results.

I got my results yesterday which state: CIN 1 (mild abnormalities) with follow up colposcopy in 12month time.
Is this standard? I appreciate that they dont always treat cin 1 as it can resolve itself but 12 months seems like a long time to leave it, when potentially it could get worse and I'm conscious that this is going to be at the back of my mind for a year and there's nothing I can do/have no way of knowing that its regressing/progressing. Also should the results state whether hpv is present?
Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation?
Thanks xx


Hi there, 

I can totally understand your anxiety, but yes they can/do leave it a year between checks. This is because the CIN 1 changes can go back to normal, and in many women this is exactly what happens. I understand your feelings though, it does seem like a very long time. 

I've been left for a year after having biopsies showing CIN 1. It's stressful and worrying to say the least, but they do seem to give it time to see if the changes will return to normal. CIN 1 are the mildest forrms of changes. (Not that that is much reassurance when you know you have to a year to be checked!) It's a case of finding a way to put it the back of your mind, otherwise it can drive you crazy with worry. Easier said than done of course.

Do you happen to know if they did a HPV test? You can ring them and ask and if they haven't said. With my last biopsy results the letter didn't mention HPV testing but I rang the clinic with some questions and asked.

Take care x

Thank you so much for your reply, I seem to be the only one in my friendship group who's had this so it's reassuring to come here and ask questions from people whp have been through the same.

My smear tested positive for hpv but it wasn't mentioned on my biopsy results.  Thanks for the advice I'll ring the hospital and ask a few questions. It's just frustrating that its kind of out of my control and I have no way of knowing what's happening, and just think its going to be an endless cycle of colposcopy  an biopsies. 
I guess in the meantime I should try and remain  positive and focus on boosting my immune system.
How are you getting along? 


Hi, I wondered how you're getting on and if you were able to speak to anyone at the hospital? As the weeks go by you'll hopefully find it isn't at the forefront of your mind all the time, at least what I've found. Distraction can help, immersing yourself in hobbies, interests - even if just losing yourself in a good film or book for a couple of hours so your focus is on something else.

Trying to do what you can to boost your immune system can help - eating well, execise, stopping smoking (if you do) that sort of thing. Since I started trying to boost my immune system I haven't had a cold,in almost 2 years, so it must be doing some good, but so far it hasn't affected the CIN. I have a smear soon so will find out what's happening then. I won't pretend that it's not on my mind at the moment, but I think it's normal when a check up is approaching.

All the best, hope you're doing ok x