Hi, I hope that nobody minds my question, I had my smear a few months ago, I got two letters saying I had cin 1/ low grade changes, at the same time they tested for hpv, my result was negative. I am just worried that I am now back to 3 yearly smear test. I just don't like knowing the fact that I have abnormalities, and it's going to be such a long time to just to get on with stuff not knowing if these changes are getting better or worse. I'm sorry for everyone with high grade changes and I hopemy question doesn't seem insensitive, I am just scared of being told to do nothing for 3 years, when I know I have mild changes.



Hi there - I agree with you, it seems strange that they put you straight back to 3 years tests when you've been diagnosed with CIN1. I just got my colposcopy results this week confirming CIN1 with no further treatment needed at this time, but another colposcopy booked for a year's time to keep an eye on it.

Its true that CIN1 mostly clears up on its own, but I was under the impression that they keep an eye on you every 6-12 months until its gone, to make sure it goes away. Maybe the fact that you're HPV negative has something to do with the risks being a lot lower for you. I wasn't tested for HPV.

I think you should discuss it with you GP to make sure, if I was in your position I think I'd feel the same as you. I'm sure the chances are that it will get better on its own, but just to put your mind at rest. Best of luck x