Cin 1 regression but still high risk HPV positive?

Hi everyone

A year ago I had my first abnormal smear result (i'm 36). They found high risk hpv and mild cell change. My colposcopy confirmed cin1 and they advised me to come back in 12 months as it may regress.

Had results from my latest check up recently and thankfully the cin1 had regressed to normal but the high risk hpv is still there. I am confused as to how the cin1 has gone but not the hpv as most things I have read says this regression usually happens when your body clears the hpv. 

I am concerned it is taking me a long time to clear this virus and also that i could have possibly have contracted a new one?! I don't smoke and am fairly healthy (although my stress has been high this past year).

Anyone else have similar experiences or some words of reassurance? Would be really grateful.

Thank you:)

Not sure hun but I share your fears, I'm High risk hpv positive too and it's terrifying to think it might not go away! 


And not knowing how long it's been there too.

Really good news though that the cells have gone back to normal! I wouldn't worry too much, maybe your body is fighting it but it's just not totally cleared yet x

Thanks for your reply:) I really hope that is what's happening. It's all a bit stressful isn't it? When you don't fully understand it and it's largely out of your control...was so shocked when I got my first abnormal smear as I've always just had normal results. This forum is great though...reminds me it is a common thing to happen and being monitored regularly is a very good thing.

It really is stressful, it's a nightmare!

I do love this forum, new to It but there is so much support with people going through the same thing. My partner is lovely but he just doesn't get it or know what to say. 

It worries me that so many people don't actually have smear tests done. As awful as it is, I'm grateful it's been found!! 

Take care x