CIN1 & HPV 'high risk' - further questions

Firstly, I just want to say hello and to thank you all for reassuring me after I received my abnormal smear test results last year. This is my first post here, however I have been reading many posts from you all for the past month and have found them to be a real comfort. In December, after having my first smear at 25, I was told I had borderline changes with 'high risk' HPV. I then went for a colposcopy and it was confirmed that I have CIN1. I have been told I need a follow up smear in 12 months.

At first, I was extremely worried and had no idea what all of this meant (being this my first smear and never really giving cervix cell changes much thought before). Now I am feeling much more positive but still have a few lingering questions which I can't seem to find the answer for when I look online (..the dreaded 'google search')! Therefore, many of you seem very knowledgable and so im hoping that someone maybe able to help me.. my questions are:

- I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years. We enjoy a healthy sex life together, however I am becoming increasingly concerned with giving oral sex to him. The reason being is because I have read that HPV is associated with mouth/oral cancer and because I have 'high risk' HPV I am worried that this may be something to cause concern when giving oral sex (especially as I may or may not have got the HPV from my boyfriend originally). Therefore, if I did get the HPV from him, am I putting myself at risk by performing oral sex? Should we stop this completely until (hopefully) my smear results return to normal?

- As mentioned, I have been told to have a repeat test in 12 months. From my research, it seems that a lot of ladies are called back for a repeat test within 6 months.. is my 12 month recall normal? I am a little worried that my CIN1 may progress into something more if left for a whole year.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and thanks in advance for any replies :) xx

Hello hun! You sound exactly the same as me.. I had my first smear last October come back as abnormal with high risk HPV. I had my colposcopy done and biopsies which also confirmed CIN1 and they referred me back in 12 months time too as with most cases of CIN1 spontaneously regress back to normal, and it usually takes around a year or two! That's why they decide to use the wait and watch approach. I panicked at first thinking 'this is too long a wait?!' But on coming to terms with it, it made me realise that if I was to go back in 6 months it may still be the same, especially if it usually takes around a year to go back to normal. In the meantime I just upped my vitamin intake and now take around 1000/2000mg of vitamin C a day! It's so good for the body and it's immune system! I also have the same questions as you.. With the oral sex bit. Since finding out - we haven't had oral sex at all and have barely even had normal sex. It's the fear that's always in the back of my mind as I've heard about the relation to HPV and throat cancer - although they have said it's very rare. The nurse told me we can't ping pong it back and forth to each other as once our bodies have both built immunity to that certain type, we can't have that certain type again. Theres a lot of confusion with HPV an it's frustrating! But I haven't let it spoil things for me and my boyfriend.. He's not worried, although I am. Until I have a normal smear, I think I will always worry, it's natural. I would contact your nurse hun and ask her all the questions you need! I am sure it's absolutely fine though to continue a healthy sex life. Xxx

Also, IF cin1 did progress within the year, it wouldn't be anything sinister. It would probably have just gone up to cin2 as CC is slow growing and would take years before it turned into CC. So try not to worry hun! I'm in the same boat as you and it'll be absolutely fine :) xxx

Hey what was your outcome 12 months later?? I am in the same boat.


Outcome please