High risk hpv-advice please

Hi I had my smear on 14th feb 2014. Nurse was concerned due to ectroption and bleeding

Both post coital, between periods and at time of smear. Asked me to see gp. Gp referred me to gynae who I saw on 4th march at colposcopy clinic. I'm not sure exactly what he did except for having a good look. No biopsies. He said he thought just an erosion and would

Hold my notes until smear results came back. They came back on 7th of march as borderline abnormal nuclear changes and high risk hpv (luckily not 16 or 18) though I don't know what type. I work in the hospital so his secretary let me know that my cervix looks consistent for someone with high risk hpv and borderline changes. That it doesn't need treated at the moment and he will review me in 6 months at his smear clinic. I feel left in the dark about the whole thing. What impact does this high risk hpv have for myself and my partner? Can he carry it and pass it back to me? Also can the cell changes go back to normal? What's the chance of them going to cin level? Thanks

Hiya, firstly HPV cannot be passed back and forth once you have it you can't pass it to your partner and he can't then pass it back to you, borderline changes can go

back to normal, that's why they take the "watch and wait" approach with it, if it was CIN2/3 then they would

do a procedure to remove these cells, chances of them moving up a notch are so slim, it's good you are in the system and being seen again

in six months time, I don't know weather I have HPV or not it's never been mentioned to me I'm presuming I do as I have/had CIN3 



Hey I am sort of in the same boat as you in that I had borderline changes and high risk HPV at my first smear last year and I had a colposcopy and biopsy and was told to come back in a year. I had my second smear in Feb this year which came back as mild dyskaryosis and high risk HPV. I have had a colposcopy and biopsies and I am just waiting for the results now. when I had my colposcopy last year the doctor told me that the cells were so close to going back to normal so I was surprised with my results this time however at this colposcopy I was told that my cells looked better than my smear results! All very confusing but it made me feel a lot better and wonder whether they can just change like that all the time! How did you know which type of HPV you had? X

Jan 13 - borderline with HPV

Feb 13 - colposcopy - no treatment

Feb 14 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

Mar 14 - colposcopy - awaiting results of biopsies

There are only five strains of HPV that are responsible for the changes to a cervix those are

16,18,31,33 and 45 I don't know which ones are "really bad" I asked my consultant about the strains and that's what he told me 



Hey hun. I had similar results to yours - my smear results came back as low grade dyskariyosis and evidence of HPV. At my colposcopy she said they can't detect what strain the high risk HPV is, but they can just tell you whether it's high risk or low risk. So I am none the wiser what strain I am. The nurse explained that it doesn't necessarily matter what strain it is, if it's high risk, it's high risk. I have 2 biopsies taken, which came back as CIN 1 and that no further treatment was needed, as your body can usually clear the HPV virus after about 2 years. That's why they decided to use the 'watchful waiting' with me. I did ask if it was possible for the changes to progress within that year and she said it's very unlikely and that they will probably go back to normal on their own. As you have been referred back in 6 months, you have nothing to worry about hun as the chances of anything changing from now until then are very slim. It's only the small minority of people who have persistent infection that find it hard to fight off the HPV virus. This is when the changes usually persist. They say you cannot 'ping pong' the virus back and forth, if you have it, your boyfriend likely has it too and you will both just fight off the virus together and build immunity to it. If you have any questions or just need a chat with someone, feel free to private message me :) x