Borderline Change and HPV positive

Hi Everyone,

I've recently just received my results for my smear test which have come back saying 'borderline change' it was then tested for HPV and has come back positive. I have had no physical signs of the infection so taken a bit by surprise and I am now being sent for a colposcopy but no date confirmed.

Ive done some research and can see HPV is super common within sexually active people, but I'm unsure if I can continue to have sex with my partner. We are both really open with each other and I know he'll be supportive but not sure what it means for our relationship. 

I'm guessing from the colposcopy they will then be able to tell how severe but until then just a waiting game and should I refrain from sex?! Just finding all the info confusing and slightly panicking me (should never google haha) 

Any advice would be good :)


Charlie x


Hi Charlie


Please  try not to Panic ( easier said that done) I wouldn't stop having sex with him.


My first  smear last year came back abnormal with  low grade dyskaryosis and  hpv positive. I was referred to have colposcopy which was a bit embarrassing but overall staff were amazing and the procedure itself for me did not cause any  discomfort or pain.  Immediately, they can tell you how severe the abnormality is.  during the colposcopy the doctor told me she could see the abnormal cells once she placed they dye but reassured me that it was most likely going to be CIN1 and she went on to take some biopsy  just to confirm it was actually CIN1. I was then told to wait for four weeks. Results came back confirming it was cin1 with hpv effects.


A year later , two weeks ago i went back for my yearly check up, as you can imagine I was terrified and was prepared for the worst that somehow the cells had progressed to CIN2 or three( which can happen) yesterday results came back normal. I was shocked to say the least and very happy. However, I still need to go back within a year because of the previous results i should have my smears every year. Good luck!! . 

Im in the same situation as you was did you have high hpv 

Hiya, have you had your colposcopy done yet? I had a call from the hospital on Friday to say my shear test has came back with borderline changes & positive for hpv & I have to go in for my colposcopy this Tuesday I'm so nervous as the appointment is quick x