Results at colposcopy

Hi all
I’m new to this forumx I have just been diagnosed with high grade cells and still Hpv positive
My colposcopy is booked very quickly for a weeks time ( next Tuesday)
Which I’m very glad about that there’s not a long wait although tbh it’s worried me slightly. But I know it’ll be ok.
I wanted to ask if at the procedure is very painful would they offer to do under general ? I have endometriosis and just a smear is painful! So I’m concerned it will be very uncomfortable. I have read if they need to loop the cells off they will do it the same day?
My other question is can they tell at the colposcopy if it’s more than CIN 3 ? Or do you have to wait for the results of the biopsy?
Feeling quite tearful about it all as at the age of 49 and since 25 all my smears have been normal so new territory for me!
I’ve also been going to the gps for the last 2 years with symptoms of pain the pelvic area and constant urination and bleeding after sex! Which they always put down to my endo
Thankyou for listening and love to all xx

I am also new to all of this.
I had a smear which showed borderline cell changes so I went for a colcoscopy. This was a little uncomfortable but not overly painful. After this they discovered I had cgin so I am now booked in for a lletz procedure on Thursday which I am dreading.
I know a friend of mine had a lot of anxiety and they suggested that she had a general anaesthetic for her lletz treatment so I know it’s an option :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope all goes well xx

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Thankyou for your reply. I hope your treatment goes well and you’ve not got to wait too long.
I’m hoping that if they offer the treatment to remove cells there and then I get to decide. Or at least be offered some gas and air
I’m just worried with the endo it’ll be more uncomfortable
Best regards
Steph x

Hi @Steffijo

I had my LLETZ under general and it is something you can request if you feel more comfortable, i failed under local so i asked to have it under GA and they were more than happy with what i decided, CIN can look worse or it can look less severe by eye so the biopsy is more definitive on the grade but the colposcopist can usually tell that treatment is needed, in some cases they cant so a biopsy is needed to confirm before treatment is offered it really just depends on what they see on the day… they can sometimes tell if its worse than CIN but again a biopsy is needed to confirm as a cervical ectropian can sometimes be mistaken for early stage CC depending how severe the ectropion is

If they find cells they would like to remove there and then they will tell you they would like to treat it and you would essentially then give them permission to go ahead which is when you could ask for it to be done under GA, you would just need to wait x amount of time untill they can get you an appointment… i was diagnosed CIN3 7th jan and had my LLETZ on 24th march 8 weeks from diagnosis to treatment x

Hi Steffijo,
Just on your last paragraph and your symptoms, when you saw you GP was vaginal atrophy mentioned at all? Low estrogen and thinner vaginal tissue can cause micro tears when having sex. It also affects the urethral tract meaning needing to go for a wee frequently. Also vulval pain. Full name is genitourinary syndrome of menopause - there’s a full symptom checker here.

Hi Vicky x
You were right! Atrophy of the cervix is on my notes and high grade cells were found in Tz3 so down as unsatisfactory colposcopy.
They did loop and top hat? To remove tissue and waiting for biopsy results now. Then smear in 6 months . My outer cervix looked ok was all hiding higher up! So might regular Pap smear did well to pick it up. Sometimes is a false negative as the abnormal cells are too high up. Not sure what top hat means but the consultant was very good. I didn’t find it too uncomfortable with the local anaesthetic
Just waiting game now and getting through lots of sanitary pads!! I’ve been offered oestrogen cream so hopefully the gp will prescribe for me. Thank you for your message Vicky with all the info. That’s definitely the symptoms I’ve been having! I’ve been round the houses! Urologist offered tablets to help control the constant peeing but game me awful side effects. It’s nice to finally know what’s causing it!

Good you’ve finally had a diagnosis and estrogen cream (usually Ovestin) should help with your symptoms. I was referred for bladder frequency and despite the uro-gynaecologist knowing I had vaginal atrophy and was using topical estrogen, he never suggested they might be connected and prescribed bladder meds too. I never took them as I discovered that increasing the estrogen was the answer. I’m now a moderator in a fb vaginal atrophy group - do join if you’d like further support with this.

Sorry, no idea what top hat is but sure others in here will. Good you’ve had treatment done for the abnormal cells. .

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Hi @Steffijo hope youre doing ok? Im awaitng some lletz results and was told i have a transformation zone type 3 too and cant find that much information about it online so wondered if you had any advice? Xx

Hi @Katy86
I’m sorry to hear your news. It’s an awful time waiting. Did you have treatment at the colposcopy? From what I understand the TZ is where the outer cervix meets the inner, ectocervix and endocervix. As we get older the TZ goes higher and sometimes isn’t visible. Have you had your results yet? Warm regards Stephanie xx

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Hi @Steffijo thanks for getting back to me. Yes i had a lletz at colposcopy a week ago. They said it was a “diagnostic lletz” rather than to remove visible abnormal calls. I had low grade cells 18 months ago but inadequate smears since. Taking some reassurance they they said i didnt have to have the lletz there and then, i could book in for a later date, but my mind is going mad thinking that last years colposcopy was reported as “unsatisfactory” due to inability to visualise SCJ…but i swear i wasnt told that so went on my merry way for the last year. Just worried its all hiding further up and what they will find xx have you had your follow up appts now? Hope all well with you x