LLETZ procedure help

Hi, I’ve posted on here a few times to keep some of you updated!

So for those who are new, and could give me any advice or reassurance here’s a brief:

I had my first cervical smear in September - I was HPV+ and had abnormal cells: CIN 1.

I got a very quick referral to colposcopy clinic and had 3 punch biopsies. They came back as CIN 2.

After a few cancellations I finally got my LLETZ appointment.

In between all of this I have been in absolute agony with severe pelvic pain to the point that I can’t sleep at night because I am that uncomfortable. Over the counter pain killers are not cutting it. Anyone else experienced this?

Anyway - at my LLETZ procedure, they had checked me over again with a second Colposcopy, I’m guessing this is standard to check where the abnormal cells are(?) Turns out my abnormal cells got worse within a space of a month. I am now CIN 3. High risk.

The 4 week wait is killing me for the results to come back. I’m hoping they come back sooner. I’m worried that they are going to come back as Early Stage. But they say they’re usually able to tell by a colposcopy(?)

In the mean time, I don’t know whether to go to my GP and get something stronger for this pelvic pain. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been prodded and poked more times in my life in the space of two months or because of early stage cervical cancer that is eating me away and I just don’t know it yet.

I think I’m just worried because I’m 24 and did not expect this to move so quickly.

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I know how easy it is to say but try not to worry as there is nothing you can do about the results.

Regarding pain, I suggest you phone your gp and see if you can get some stronger painkillers. It’s not surprising that you’re in pain. They’ve cut a piece of you off!! Hopefully you can speak to an understanding dr who can at least help with that side of things.
Take care x

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Hello how long ago did you have Lletz? I am asking because for me I thought I was suffering with normal pain from Lletz but after 4 weeks it was not normal so after some tests turned up I had a urine infection that was painful as hell, as soon as I took antibiotics it went away. It may not be your case but I thought I will share my experience just in case it helps and maybe you can ask gp to do a urine test is very simple to do
Take care


I had my LLETZ 5 days ago, the pain has worsened since the procedure but had always been there before it too.

Thank you for sharing your experience - I will look into this xx